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November 10, 2016

Quick Weekly Organization by Emily Rudolph

Hello lovely crafters! My days get slammed with odds and ends, most of which are thrown to the side to be sorted later.  I am always looking for ways to streamline, simplify, and organize myself to keep the clutter down and my mind free.

This project is SUPER EASY, FAST, and EFFECTIVE.  Sounds like a diet commercial doesn't it!? In a way, that is exactly what we are doing...reducing the excess...on our desk!

I started out by taking 5 plain file folders and selecting 5 decorative papers.

The process is easy-breezy! Simply grab your spray adhesive (I used Soctch Super77), applying a thin coat to the back of your decorative paper or the front of your folder depending on what floats your boat!

Apply the decorative paper to the front of the file folder, sealing it into place.  Remember: you can always use your Cut n' Boss to add amazing texture to your decorative paper before applying!

Add decorative elements and spruce it up as you see fit! I added small numbered tags to the tabs of each folder, allowing me to keep track of one folder assigned to each day of the week.

Now, get organized! Simply assign all of your documents/files/papers into folders that represent each day of the week. Now you can worry about only what is INSIDE your folder for that day. Phew! What a relief!

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