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January 14, 2012

Guest Designer: KimberlyRae Forde

In the Spotlight: KimberlyRae Forde

Saturday's are our favorite, because they start the weekend, they start the fun, and today, they start our monthly guest designer post!!! Each month we will spotlight an up and coming designer, that we all need to know! Today, that designer is KimberlyRae. If she is familiar to you, it's probably because she was featured in our ebook, with her cute star paper lanterns. We know she always has fabulous projects up her sleeve, so we invited her back for another tutorial, inspired by Valentines!

Here is KimberlyRae's How To:

Ok, let's get started!

1. First, take the two wires and twist them together all the way down leaving 2" wire Not twisted [these four will be the legs].
2. Then, gently bend to find the mid-point [middle of the wire] this will be the head.  Shape into a circle or oval as desired and just below that twist the rest of the wire to the legs.
3. To form legs take your round pliers [or dowel something round] to curve up to form a stand with legs.
4. Next, open the 'cracker' SVG file from the kit.  I removed the top portion and  put my measurements to 10.5 wide and 5.25 tall and Cut it out with your eCraft  [this is the body of your dressform].  I also added a scalloped edge to the bottom hemline.
5. Matching the last notch spaces-glue.  then Ink the creases.  Then push in the diamond shapes to form waistline and glue the upper pieces together...making sure you leave enough room for the dress to fit through the wire later.
6. Cut out the Round Hearts using the Largest die, doubling over the white letter paper.  Now cut the middle out with scissors leaving the heart lace.  *Do Not* discard the little white hearts, you will use those in a minute]. You should have a bunch of tiny hearts and Two  round heart circles [these are the heart lace].
7. Now,  slip the heart lace over the bottom of the dress and just using a small dot of glue every other one [ you will have to scrunch up to make appear as gathered].  Then, turn right side up and slip the other heart lace over the other so heart points match up [does Not have to be perfect] and repeat the gluing process.
8. Prepare your tiny hearts:  crease in middle of heart and hot glue at each heart point. After that, paint with the ink and adhere the half back pearl to each heart center.  [I found a tweezers was very helpful].
9. Place the dress piece over the wire and adhere with hot glue to keep in place on the wire.
10. Embellish with a heart tear drop necklace and a lacey belt and decorative flowers.

Use the white letter paper double it with the 3 smallest flower dies. Take all 6 pieces and alternate them, hot glue them together and scrunch them all up, glue bead in center.
For printed paper round flower cut out 4- 1" circles, slice 1/4 of the 'pie' and glue it with tacky glue do this 3 times.  Then, round the corners and glue together.  For the center take the last circle and cut around in a spiral motion and starting from the center coil it up and tack the end with a dot of hot glue and glue that to the center!
11. To form the head piece make a running stitch all crossed one side so it gathers and glue to side-top of wire.  Then glue on the beaded lace crown.
12. Cut 25- 1/2' hearts and being them in the centers hot glue them all over.

You're Done!

Beautiful isn't it? How adorable would this be in a sweet little girls room?! or a centerpiece at a Parisian inspired party?  Thank you KimberlyRae, for this amazing project!

See more of KimberlyRae's creations on her blog here:


  1. Thank you, for having me, Craftwell! I'm honored to be here :)

  2. So so fun! Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. You did such an amazing job with this guest spot I can't even describe in words how very much I love this!!!!! Wow wow wow wow!!!

  4. Great job KimberlyRae! Love this!

  5. KimberlyRae....this would be worth the drive to your house just so you could help me make this myself. This is absolutely AMAZING and...just when I thought it couldn't get any better you showed me the heart piano thingie on Facebook. WOW GIRL...that's all I can say...wuhhhhhh owwwwwwwww!


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