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March 27, 2015

Nostalgic Stencils

I'm so excited about the set of the stencils Judith Kim, Craftwell Designer created to celebrate National Crafting Month.  My favorite image of the group is the rose.

There are 4 stencils needed to complete the image of the rose.  I cut my stencils using my electronic cutting machine.  Once you have the stencils ready, the real fun commences.
Choose your markers.  I chose 3 similar shades of blue (Light, Medium, Dark) and a mid to dark leaf green.

Get your eBrush and with the lightest shade of your chosen color for your rose and with your stencil in place being careful of overspray, lightly fill the color as desired.  (I taped my stencil in place as you can see in the image on the far left below)
Carefully, line up the next stencil for the medium shade and spray.  Repeat for the dark and then the last stencil for the leaves.  Yes, you will be adding a layer of color over areas that have already been sprayed.  That's ok.  My samples are a little dark... we can thank the weather and the lighting in my room today... click on each photo to see a larger image.

Once all the spraying has been completed, you can cut and mount as desired as I have done for this project (see image below).
Background paper is from a Graphic45 collection called French Country (retired).  I've been hoarding the sheets in the slab!  But this striped piece was perfect for this card which will be a gift for someone special.

I hope you'll give this a try.  Stenciling with the ebrush is so much fun and roses come in such an array of colors you can create a whole rose garden with this stencil set.

Be sure to stop by the Craftwell Blog for more ideas and ways to use your eBrush.  And please, feel free to drop by my blog on a regular basis for some crafting fun!  Enjoy a crafting experience today!

March 26, 2015

Faux Stain Glass Vase

Ebrush Design Team: Mitsyana Wright Week 12 Cycle 1

Hi Crafty Friends!! Today I decided to step away from the paper crafts and try my hand at something I wanted to do for a while... Faux Stained Glass.

The art of stained glass is too time consuming and far too expensive to invest in yet again, another craft to spend my already tight budget. Buying all the specialized tool cutters and glass panes are a little to rich for my taste. And, on top of all that, the time it takes to cut and piece and then somehow weld the pieces together to make one solid... um, no thank you! It's not for this busy mommy!! 

And, if you are a busy bee like me... and if you already have an eBrush... then this is a great alternative that won't break the bank or take up very much space!

Supplies needed:
eBrush by  Craftwell
Glass Vase
Liquid Leading
Sharpies (bright blue, bright green, mustard/ tan, purple)
Blue Painter's Tape

I started by doodling a peacock feather about the length of my vase. I used the actual vase to trace along the top and bottom of my vase for an approximate drawing area to draw in. Make sure you take into consideration  the base of your vase may have a thick base and accommodate your drawing accordingly. 

It's ok if you have no drawing skills. There are a lot of  free images online to search for. And if you are using someone else's art work, always ask for permission before using.

Once you have your image to the desired length and size, tape to the inside of your glass vase. Always put your image in the opposite side you will be spraying on.

I then ebruhed my colors directly on the glass, using the image as a guide. Usually, you would have to put your liquid leading down first but I wasn't filling it with more liquid. And if I sprayed over it , you would see where I sprayed on the liquid leading as well.

After spraying down your colors to your liking, finally, trace the outline of your image with your liquid leading. Set aside and let dry! And, you are all done!!

Now, all I need is my darling hubby to fill my pretty vase with pretty flowers!! Anyone want to send him a hint for me?! LOL

Hope you enjoyed this eBrushed project and decide to give it a try!!

~ Mitsy

To see more inspirational projects visit my personal blog here!

March 25, 2015

Memories of Grandma

Ebrush Design Team: Jan Hunter Week 12 Cycle 1

I remember one of my grandmothers having some beautiful and cherished pieces of china and every Saturday, we could sip hot chocolate at the breakfast table and look out on the orchard or the rose garden through the large window in the kitchen dining area.  I'm very thankful for those sweet memories, and this teacup using a file from SVGCuts honors those memories.

You'll need
Cardstock (glossy or matte)
white or clear vellum
Spectrum Noir markers (CR2, CR4, CR5, CR6, CT1, DG2, LG4, LG5, JG7)
Sharpie, Gold Metallic (optional)
tissue paper
4" stryo ball
glue (quick dry)
die cutting machine and software
Teacup SVG file from

Open the SVG files in your cutting software.  I added a little height and shortened the width slightly to give me a taller cup with just enough finished diameter to hold the 4" styro ball snugly.  I did not cut the saucer for my project, but you certainly can for yours.  Add a page and cut approximately 38 of the small roses bases and leaves out of the vellum.  You don't need any of the other pieces from that flower svg if you use the same file I did. 

Cut on your cutting machine.  Set the panels and the handle pieces aside for the moment and put the cup together as directed in SVGCuts youtube video.  Set aside and let dry. completely. 

Now, the real fun begins....

I chose a small tea rose stencil I had in my stash.  line up 6 of the outer teacup panels and for ease in using the ebrush, you can "string" them on a piece of painter's tape and spray across the edges using the stencil.  

Color as desired using the ebrush.  Repeat for the remaining panels.  Glue the outer panels on the cup as directed in the video here.  Since I used a matte card stock I chose to add a little bit of a sheen to the cup by applying a light coat of Modge Podge to the entire outer surface.  I then used the ebrush to apply a little bit of gold metallic Sharpie around the cup rim (optional) and also sprayed the handle, glued and attached as directed.  I chose not to use the inner panels for this cup since the decorations would be hiding the glued edges on the inside of the cup. 

My styro ball was green... I didn't want that to show, so I applied some Modge Podge to a piece of tissue paper and wrapped around the ball as smoothly as possibly.  You will likely have a few wrinkles, but that's okay too as most of them will be covered up.  When the MP has dried, you can spray with some of the darker green and darker pink markers (just patches, doesn't need to fully colored). 

Using the painters tape, lightly adhere a row of flowers, spray with a light color of ink, and repeat for the remainder of the flower.  Set the ebrush aside.  now with a slightly darker shade of marker, flick from the center towards the outer petals.  Blend with the same color you sprayed the flower with.  In the center of each flower add a yellow stamen and lightly shade with your darkest pink by adding a few dots along the bottom edge of the stamen area.  Since you're using alcohol inks, your flowers will be dried almost immediately on the vellum.If you desire to add some additional dimension to your flowers at this point, you can use a ball stylus and add some additional dimension..  Using some painter's tape again, adhere the leaves and spray.... you can add some additional dimension and depth by lightly spraying the edges or just using the marker and blend into the leaf. 

Put the styro ball in the cup.  secure and begin adding your flowers and leaves.  When you've filled the space as desired.... you're done!

Thanks for stopping in on Craftwell's blog... don't forget there's lots of eBrush fun on my blog.  Have a crafty and creative week! And don't forget to join us on our eBrush Facebook page

March 24, 2015

Mixed Media Background with the eBrush

Ebrush Design Team: Lisa Somerville Week 12 Cycle 1

Hi and welcome to the Craftwell BlogLisa here today, sharing a Mixed Media card I created using the eBrush.


eBrush with SP-01 Adapter 
Staedtler Mars Graphic Jr. Watercolor Markers
Acetate Sheet
Non Stick Craft Mat
Glimmer Mist 
Ink Blending Tool with Felt Applicator 
Card Stock - Mixed Media, Black, Ruby Red
Stamps - Prima (Julie Nutting Doll Stamp), Ranger -Dylusions (Sentiment)
Ink - Ranger Gathered Twigs Distress Ink, Ranger Black Archival
Heat Tool
Sponge Brush or Paint Brush
Stencils (Just a Trace), Punchinella Scrap
Scrap Paper (Bo Bunny)
Deco Art - Gesso, Black Paint, Modeling Paste
Old Credit Card

Prep Mixed Media Paper by applying White Gesso to the panel

Using the eBrush, apply the markers to the Acetate, adding colors as desired

Spritz Acetate Panel with Glimmer Mist, fully covering the Acetate.  I wanted the extra Shimmer, but if you do not have Glimmer Mist, misting with water will work just fine.

Smoosh Acetate onto the Gesso covered Mixed Media paper, lift off and let dry.

I did a second piece of Mixed Media paper using this technique, this time I did not use Gesso as I wanted the colors to be more vibrant.

Here you can see I paper pieced the stamped image with the second eBrushed panel.

Using the eBrush and Markers, apply color to the stencil as desired.

Continue to add stenciling as desired.

I added eBrushing using Punchinella and a Red Marker, while the Punchinella was still wet from the marker and eBrush, I applied Modeling Paste, to add the Red texture.

Continue to add Mixed Media elements to your background as desired.  Add your stamped image and sentiment, sponge the edges and adhere to your card stock panel and base card.

Thanks for stopping by the Craftwell Blog, I hope you have found inspiration in my post!

For more inspiration, please visit my blog.

example image

March 23, 2015

Easter Chocolate Surprise

Ebrush Design Team: Peggy Oliver Week 12 Cycle 1

 Happy Monday!!  Peggy here to show you how I made this cute little bunny/chocolate tin for Easter with Polymer Clay and my eBrush.

Supplies used today are:

  • Ebrush by Craftwell USA
  • Spectrum Noir Markers
  • White Polymer Clay
  • Background Stamp
  • Swarovski Crystals
  • Chocolate Goodies
  • Tin Can
  • Designer Paper

I started with my clay and manipulated my clay to a flat surface to make an imprint from my background stamp. I wanted the dress to have texture. I added flowers, straps and buttons from clay.

I began to eBrush my pieces before they went into the oven. I found I got a more even coverage when spraying onto unbaked clay.  After hardening in the oven the colors faded to a nice salmon/pink shade.

I sprayed the dress in the same color Spectrum Noir marker FS8 but held my Ebrush farther away for a lighter coating.  I carefully put the bunny back together and then time for the oven and baked as directed on the package. (15mins)
Next I made three eggs from the clay and stamped with a Ukrainian design all around and eBrushed with same Spectrum Noir marker. I have about three different tones or shades of the same color with just one marker.
I wrapped designer paper around my tin and filled it with yummy chocolate.  I made my own stuffing out of cardstock by cutting it into little strips.  I used Swarovski Crystals for her eyes. 

 I tied a bow around the tin and wrote a note on the tag from the easter bunny of course.

I hope you have enjoyed todays tutorial as much as I had fun playing! My Easter Bunny surprise will surely be loved..

Be sure to check out Craftwell USA and get your eBrush and you could be spraying your way into fun crafts and artsy adventures.

"Turn your markers into spray art with the new eBrush by Craftwell. The eBrush is universally compatible with many brands of markers! "

March 20, 2015

Organize me please - March project

Ebrush Design Team: Terri Sproul Week 11 Cycle 1

Here is my project for eBrush Design Team
My studio is a CRAZY mess and it's drive me nuts, but I had to find a way to help with my Stencils.
I have to admit, I have LOTS and lots of stencils, include my own line with SinCity Stamps
Here is my cool idea for a storage idea for my stencils

purchase project covers from the office supply store - I got the large box of 100
Yes, I really have that many stencils 
start off with Two(2) 12 x 12 piece of  Evolon from Atlantic Papers   
and lots of fun stencils from Sincity Stamps
Thinking about a color theme, I used the cool side of the color wheel to make a perfect color combo
blues, greens, purples
Using my eBrush  and Spectrum Noir Markers , I spray through my stencils on the the Evolon
making sure I over lap each stencil design 

I added some word on top of this going in many different directions and just a few flowers
and yes, I spray my white flower with my ebrush too - this machine can do it all
One side of two completed 

Second side - I made just a little different
Back cover, I have a little fun with, I used a circle stencil from Sincity Stamps and made this flowerish design, that I really like.  Again, keeping with the same color family of cool colors

Purchase large "O" rings and  large eyelets to use as my binding and closure.  Punched three holes that match up with the project covers holes.  Add the large eyelets and "O" rings.  Added to middle to act as a closure, by adding some ribbon.

I was so happy when I finished this project - easy, fun and useful!

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