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February 23, 2017

A wonderful Easter Wreath by Barabara Rankin! We revisit our past designers!!!

Easter is on its way! Barbara Rankin revisit!

Hello eBrush fans!  I hope you are all enjoying your week and staying crafty.  Today, I want to share a video tutorial with you using the fabulous and ever-so-easy to use Craftwell eBrush.  Since Easter is this coming Sunday, I made a pretty little wreath using dollar store products and alcohol markers.

So, let's play!

Supplies used:

eBrush by Craftwell
Copic Markers
Grapevine wreath
Easter eggs
Flowers and leaves
Lasercut wood embellishment

I hope you have enjoyed my video today and I always hope to be able to inspire you in your creative journey.  With the eBrush, it is an easy journey.

Stop by the Craftwell blog for more inspiration from the team.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a very happy and blessed Easter.

February 22, 2017

Tiffany Lamp by Peggy Oliver

Peggy Oliver a post worth of  a revisit!

Hello! Peggy here, today I would like to show you my Tiffany Lamp. 
Supplies used today are: 
Spectrum Noir Markers
SVG File /Cutting machine
Wet/Dry Glue Tape

First I cut out my lamp pieces and vellum pieces so I could color them. I used my lamp pieces as a guide as to where to place my color.  I found I had a vibrant color if I sprayed both sides of the vellum but both options look great. 

 Here are my pieces ready for glueing. As you can see you do not need to be precise. I colored red dots according to the lamp design and smudged it with a yellow spectrum noir marker. Then I sprayed the entire piece with yellow.
 These pieces are a lighter shade of green and yellow lower middles. After each piece was sprayed and colored the way I liked I glued them into place. The larger tabs I used double sided tape and for smaller areas I switched between crystal lacquer and a glue writing pen.
 Next it was time to put the entire top of faux glass together. I used grips to hold them in place.

 Here is my finished product! I hope you like it! .. I just love tiffany lamps.. my fav!

Have a great day Thanks for looking!!

February 21, 2017

Lisa Somerville a blast from the past!!!

 Lisa Somerville 

We revisit one of Lisa Somerville's posts. This is so spring looking and so much fun to create!. I'm sharing an altered tin using the eBrush and Alcohol Inks.

Here's my finished tin:

Craftwell eBrush 
Inks - Alcohol Inks
Other - Non Stick Craft Mat, Tin

Be sure to cover your work station, or work on a Non Stick Craft Mat.  You may also want to wear old clothes or gloves, as the Alcohol Ink does tend to spread. You can easily remove the Alcohol Ink from your hands or any other surface using Ink Blending Solution.

Place a drop of alcohol ink on the tin

Use the eBrush to spread the alcohol ink, blow the air until the ink is dry.

Continue this process with additional colors of alcohol inks, until the tin is covered.

Let tin, embellish as desired or add a stamped tag.

You can use this same method to create fun backgrounds on Glossy card stock, or use it to decorate some Easter Eggs!

Thanks for stopping by the Craftwell Blog, I hope I've inspired you to create Art! For more inspiration, please visit my blog!

February 20, 2017

You make my heart sing cards by Home Kool Kitty Group

Our homeschool group are loving their Craftwell Cut N Boss and also their eBrush! Today they create cute cards sharing their love for crafting!

Craftwell cut n boss
Back of heart shaped candy box
Pipe cleaners
Wiggly eyes
Cutting dies – heart shape
Glue stick or Liquid glue
Hot glue gun

***Adult supervised required***

How excited we are to share this craft with you. I love getting to spend time with my kids and doing something fun, that they love as well.  Plus, this also helps with their eye to  hand coordination and simulates their imagination.
Let us get started:
First we cut the back of the candy box in half. Next, you are going to draw the outline of the bird on one half.  The head is a medium circle, the body is an oval then a straight line for the tail. Cut the bird out.

Now for some color, feel free to color your bird any color you want. I let my kids have fun with it and do whatever colors they want. You can do multi-color, single colors, draw on wings, hearts, polka dots…below is a picture of the eBrush with a gold metallic sharpie.  We used SP-01 adapter for our sharpie.

We are going to emboss our cards.  Matty chose the multi-stripe patterned embossing folder Reilee the diamond pattern.  They used the cut n boss to make emboss the cardstock.

Folded the card in half. Next the bird was placed on the front, they used a glue stick.

We used the glue gun to glue on the eyes. Matty asked mommy to help him.

They used the heart shape cutting die for the bird’s wing, you only need to cut one.

Once cut, glue to your bird to make a wing.

Next we are going to shape the feet, by making small bunny ears with the pipe cleaner. You will nee to make two.  The cutting about a 2 inch piece of pipe cleaner and folding in half twice to make the beak. Use the glue gun to glue down the feet and beak.  

We used special scissors to cut the edge of our cardstock it was then used inside the card to write the sentiment. Once cut , paste inside the card.

Then we wrote, “ You Make my Heart Sing…Love, …” inside the card.

We practice recycling, so all of our scrapes and extra pieces are placed in our recycle bins,
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