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January 24, 2017

Foxy Lady Treat Bag - Yolie Burke Blast from the past

Dare I say it? I's time to get crafting for Valentine's Day!!  I haven't put away Christmas yet, but I'm jumping on my Valentine's Day crafts.  It's a quick and easy project.  You can whip this treat bag in no time.

You will need a love theme paper, white card stock, heart shaped doilies, heart stencil, treat bag, embellishments, ribbon and the eBrush with red and blue Sharpies.

I first used the blue marker to cover some of the white card stock.  I then took the heart stencil from Latina Crafter and eBrushed with the red Sharpie.  Using the first setting on the eBrush, I went over the heart doily with red, leaving the scallop edge white.

I layered my pieces and adhered them to the treat bag.  I added puffy hearts and an itty bitty clothes.

Here's another view.  I also folded the flap of the bag and punched two holes and tied the ribbon.

I hope you enjoyed my project today.  Thank you for stopping by today and enjoy your weekend.

January 23, 2017

Hello Crafters,

I'm excited to be a guest designer for eBrush Craftwell. 

Today I'm sharing a card I made with the cute Star Wars BB-8.   

I cut all the pieces to create the BB-8 with my electronic cutter.  

When I cut the white portion of my BB-8 I felt it was way to bright and I immediately reached for my eBrush to help me dirty him up a bit so he would look like he has been running across the desert sands on the planet Jakku.   

I used various brown and gray alcohol ink markers in my eBrush to give him that dirty look before I removed them from my cutting mat.   
I loved how the eBrush with the different color brown and gray inks totally gave me the look I was going for so of course I used eBrush with the same pens to make his accent pieces look dirty as well.   
Couldn't have made him look this good without the eBrush. 

I also use the eBrush to distress the space piece I stamped my sentiment on. 
Here is a picture of my finished card.

A big thank you to Craftwell for allowing me to be a guest designer.
It is such an honor and I’m excited to share with you how much fun it is to use the eBrush to accent your paper pieces to make them pop.

If you would like to see more pictures and other items I used to make this card please visit my blog

Happy Crafting
Debby ~ Pannell Designs

January 20, 2017

Freebie Friday!

Freebie Friday!

January is a difficult month for many people! However, do not get down on yourself. Remind yourself that beauty can still come from things that may be 'broken'.  Download this coloring page, decorate, and frame for some much needed home decor!

January 19, 2017

Guest Designer - Beth Wheeler

Hi everyone I am thrilled to do a guest post today. For those who don’t know me I like to experiment and often have I wonder if moments.  On my work desk was bottles of pretty Ken Oliver Liquid Metals and an embossing folder which had not been put away. Although I had previously used a cosmetic sponge with the Liquid Metals after embossing I decided to see what would happen if I used the Liquid Metals on the folder itself.

I love how the background for my card turned out. I also love how my Teresa Collins eBosser is still going strong.

There is a short video on my blog showing how you can create an elegant background with your embossing machine and Ken Oliver Liquid Metals.Embossing With Liquid Metals

My other go to tool is the eBrush and once again I had to do some experimenting. For the top layer of the butterfly I eBrushed using a Spectrum Noir marker and then used a mister to spray rubbing alcohol. 

I didn’t get the result I was after and next time I’ll get a brush wet with the alcohol and flick it.  I can see using the mister perhaps on a section if you want to get a sun bleached look to your paper. Definitely a lot quicker and more controlled than if you manually tried to sun bleach paper.

Glitter glue on the butterfly base and Martha Stewart flocking (which had never been open) for the antennae complete the  butterfly.

Add a die cut sentiment and there you have it an elegant card that anyone would be pleased to receive.

I hope I have inspired you to get out your embossing machine and folders and play. As well as to get out your eBrush if you have one and see what you can do that may be different. I’m thinking as I write this that a tie dye effect could probably be done by eBrushing with more than one color and then misting with alcohol.  Did I mention that my mind is often coming up with I wonder moments. 😉

Thank you for stopping by today. Also thanks for having me as a guest designer.


January 18, 2017

Stencil Fun

Hello Peggy here to show you my stencil fun over the weekend. 
Today's supplies include: 
 I chose to whiten my tag and painted it white but this is your preference.  I started with my tag. I used one stencil for this tag and I wanted a shabby pink look so pink it was.  I airbrushed my tag with my stencil using my eBrush. So simple and quick! Then it was time to embellish.  My eBrush made this process so easy my seven year old can easily handle this machine. I love my final result. 
 Next I chose a few different stencils and mix and matched as I airbrushed and turned my stencils to create this fabulous background paper to emulate those Northern Lights we get in Canada. I had the perfect stamp of trees in the foreground.  This example uses four colors of markers and each time I used my eBrush to change colors I also changed the direction of the stencil.

Here is my result..

 I hope you enjoyed my stencil play! I recently cleaned my space and WOW I have a ton of stuff I had forgotten about. This let to play of course.. I hope you enjoyed this read and I encourage you to try out the eBrush. This tool is just too fun!!

Peggy Oliver

January 17, 2017

Precious Pet Collage by Heather Wilson

Ever since I moved into my own apartment in August I have wanted to hang up pictures of my "baby." This is my hedgehog Sebastian. He's going to turn 3 years old in January, and since I've had lots of free time, I put together a special piece of art featuring this little guy!

A picture of your pet and a printer
Craftwell Cut N' Boss
Die cuts
A gluestick
Pens and pencil
Book page, or any paper with writing on it that won't mess up ink
Frame (I used a 5"x7")
Stamps (optional)
Collected pictures from magazines, flyers, mailing stamps, etc.

 First you need to choose a picture of your pet. I edited my picture to look faded, and removed the background with a regular paint program on my computer. The paper I used was printer paper with pages from a book copied onto it with a scanner. Use your print preview to adjust your picture to fit just right so you won't have to make multiple prints...

 After printing, place the backing of your frame onto the paper and line it up the way you want. Then take a pencil and lightly outline it, then cut along your lines.

 Next I chose heart shaped cutting dies for my picture. I played around a bit and did a heart into the picture itself. I made another heart out of a picture from craft flyer (I love grabbing these up in craft stores, they're excellent for collages!)

I found and cut out a picture of the perfect word for my hedgie, then glued it behind the heart shaped hole. The edges didn't show up well, so I outlined it with a fine tipped marker.

I wanted his name in it somewhere, so I asked my boyfriend where I should put it, and he immediately answered, "In the heart of course!" So I used the fine-tipped marker for writing Sebastian.

I love steampunk, so I put some things like clocks, keys, locks, and stamps in the corner where Sebastian's bum didn't quite reach the edge.

Lastly, I used a stamp and black ink for the really empty areas and drew in a chain for the heart to hang from. There was really no predicting to where I would finish, and at one point I just stepped back to look at it and suddenly realized I was done!

Here's Sebastian himself looking at the finished work...

He took a quick look at it, then went exploring. He's terrible at having his picture taken! His little nose is always moving to sniff everything around cute.


January 16, 2017

Welcome Guest Designer, Sonja Bakonyi!

Every year, I make a special Mickey or Minnie card for a relatives birthday. She collects Mickey everything. When I say collect, I mean they have houses full of Mickey collectibles! One of my childhood memories is touring the houses and being in awe.

This year is a little bit more special to get her out a card as some recent health concerns have come alight.

Which brought me to the inspiration to do a sunburst as the card base. I wanted it to be multi colored though, but smooth and no seems. Out my Craftwell eBrush came.

 After selecting my paper pallet, I was able to select my eBrush pallet as well.

To create the sunburst, I cut the pattern I wanted out on contact paper to make a template. I used contact paper for two reasons.

  1. It provides a more secure coverage and cleaner lines than just using a paper template or often even a plastic template
  2. It peels off of the paper smoothly and leaves no tack or torn paper

This is what it looks like before peeling off the  contact paper

The fun part is getting to airbrush any pattern onto my project. Since this is a starburst, I decided to go with the dark color in the middle and work my way out.

The final product is just what I wanted so I didn't have to redo it!

Now on to my favorite reason to have an eBrush. Detailing. You can take an ordinary cut of paper and amp it up with highlights, low-lights, or just a dab of extra va-va-voom. 

Take Mickey's pants for instance. Above is the before eBrush and below is the after eBrush. It looks like a mess at first, but take away the extra paper and it leaves a nice highlight around the edges.

Shoes, pants, face, eyes, really any object can be enhanced with this magical little machine!  

I also use my eBrush to dust off the final product to get rid of any extra little fuzzies, glitter, or particles that I don't want on my project. Just leave the marker out and blow away. 

Once the pieces are all airbrushed and ready for assembly, the final product pops on the page.

 This card is an easel card just for a little extra fun. 

 The balloons float off the page on purpose. The eBrush actually makes this project pop and look as if it was a printed object. Other than the sentiments, everything is hand pieced though!

A few pop up tabs under the inside sentiment helps keep the easel portion in place.

Materials Used:
  • Red 
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • White
  • Tan
Craftwell eBrush
Sharpie Markers
Cutting Machine with software
Aleene's Original Tacky Glue
Teresa Collins Mega Runner

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January 12, 2017

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Airbrush With Your Favorite Markers! eBrush Giveaway
Value: $119.00

Enter for your chance to win 1 eBrush and adaptor. The deadline to enter is January 22, 2017 at 11:59:59 p.m.
If you love the artsy, whimsical look of an airbrush effect, the eBrush is about to change everything for you! Any marker becomes an airbrush when you attach it to the eBrush.

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