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February 17, 2017

Be A Voice, Not An Echo

Individuality is something to be prized and cherished. We often find our voice through our creative outlets...our own sense of identity. Yet there are moments when we feel the pressures of society or the demands that we 'follow the herd'.  Sometimes, we just need a little reminder that being unique is something to be celebrated.

Today we bring you a free printable to remind you of just that! Print it out using the link below and spend some therapeutic time coloring it to fit any color theme in your home or office. Frame it, and be reminded that it is a good thing to sometimes go against the grain.

February 16, 2017

Guest Designer Andrea Webster

Ebrushed Fashion Statement! We are delighted to have Andrea share her wonderful post with us today!

2017-02-05 13.26.01 copy

Hi, I'm Andrea and I was so excited to be asked to be a guest blogger and share a recent eBrush project with you.   -- So let's get this started.
I always find skirts on the racks at the local thrift shops and they are usually just as nice as the ones I find a local department stores.  To get the best results, I use white, tan or khaki colored skirts.

You'll need: 
masking tape
stenciling material (I used index cards)
punches  - heart, flower and butterfly
eBrush and marker adapter
Sharpie markers (red, purple and black)
Glue stick
2017-02-05 13.22.58 copy

1.  Glue two index cards together, repeat.  Tape the two sets of cards together for a stencil nearly 10 inches in length. 

2.  Using the punches, create your design by punching shapes in the index cards.  
I used hearts, butterflies for one stencil and two different flowers for the other stencil.  When punching out your design, be careful about how close you get to the bottom of the index cards and the edges.  If you get too close to either  and you don't have sufficient tape down, you may have some overspray where you don't want it on the skirt.

2017-02-05 13.23.54 copy
3.  Place a piece of cardboard under the skirt (avoids bleeding onto the other side of the skirt.
4.  Place the stencil in the spot you want to use the stencil and tape down.  Taping it down will help eliminate the chance of   the color(s) being sprayed where you don't want it.
5.  Choose the color or colors you want to use. I used black, red and purple.

2017-02-05 13.24.07 copy

6.  Adjust your marker to make sure you get the best spray and begin spraying.
7.  After spraying it the first time, move the stencil to a new area and repeat as desired around the skirt.
8.  After you have completed the design, turn the skirt inside out and set the color by placing in the dryer for about 5-10 minutes, OR iron to set the color.  Make sure to use the correct temperature for the fabric.
Here's another skirt using the same technique and stencils

Thanks for letting me share something I enjoy doing.  My eBrush has been so much fun and I give it a workout on a regular basis.  Hope you'll get your eBrush ready for some creative fun too!

February 15, 2017

My Love

Hi! This is Peggy and I am showing you my Valentines Tag. 

Supplies used today are: 

alcohol markers
white flowers 
wood embellishment
patterned paper

I sprayed red alcohol markers on my flowers to coordinate with my papers today.  Then I created a tag from cardstock and with my adaptor for my specific marker I was able to make my own embellishments with ease using my eBrush. 

Next I layered my stickers and embellishments to create this tag. 

I enjoyed creating today's tag for "My Love".  Check out our eBrush by Craftwell Here!
I hope you had a fantastic Valentine's Day! 

Peggy Oliver

February 14, 2017

Things I Love About You... By Heather Wilson

Valentine's Love Cage of Affirmation!

Instead of using a card, I put together this little project as a way to show my boyfriend I love him this Valentine's Day.  Here's the materials you need:

Cut n' Boss and heart die cuts
decorative paper
Ebrush and markers
Small decorative bird cage
Hot glue
Embellishments (beads, lock, key, fringe, lace, etc.)
Jump rings
A colored pen to write with

Start with a sample piece of your decorative paper to practice on. You'll want to test this out with your Ebrush and see how different colors look on your paper. If you like the results, you can move on to a larger sheet and put all the colors you like on it.

I didn't leave any areas a solid color because I wanted the print on the paper to show. I did just enough to give it a bit of color.

Now you can start cutting out hearts with the Cut n' Boss! Remember to put the die cut flat side down on platform D. Lay your paper on top of that, then layer A, B, then A on top. I started out with about 15 hearts and later it ended up being 20 because I did some coloring with the Ebrush on plain white paper.

Take the color pen of your choice (I used pink!) and begin writing the things you love about your significant other! (You can also do this for family members or friends, but of course what you write would be much different!) I also wrote a couple favorite memories, and included some in-jokes in some of them.

Setting your hearts aside, you can start spicing up your bird cage a bit. I attached a heart shaped lock with a couple jump rings to the clasp of the cage lid.

Next I put a key above the lock by wrapping some wire from the cage around it with my pliers to hold it in place.

The bottom of the cage looked too plain to me, so I found some beaded fringe in one of my crafting stashes (you can never have too many craft stashes!) I attached it by putting a line of hot glue on the bottom of the bars. Tip: glue from top to bottom so the stringy parts can be pulled off easily from the bottom edges).

End your strip by overlapping the end where you started, and hot glue in place.

I hot glued some beads to the ends of the swirly wires on top. It needed some color there to balance out the trim on the bottom.

Now make your tag, either by buying some plain ones or cutting your own with the Cut n' Boss. Then add some color to it with the eBrush. I used a light pink sharpie first, then went around the edges with a slightly darker sharpie.

After writing "Things I love about YOU", attach the tag with two jump rings to the top of the cage.
Now you can add your notes to the cage in a neat pile. I put the sweetest ones on the bottom so the best ones would be saved for last.

Here it is finished! Either set on a table, or hang it up somewhere. If you have a bigger cage, use it as a centerpiece on the table for your loved one to find on Valentine's Day!
Have a great Valentine's everybody!

February 13, 2017

Valentine Lovebugs, Snails and Flowers...oh my... New Team Group! Home Kool Kitty!

We are delighted to have a special DT group join our roster. Home Kool Kitty is a home school, gardening loving, recycling young family group! They are using Craftwell products to express their fun side. Welcome to Ericha, Reilee, and Matthew!

Valentine Lovebugs, Snails and Flowers…oh my…

Cardboard egg carton
Glue gun (but you can use regular liquid glue – might take longer to dry))
Pipe cleaners
Sharpies (if you get any on your skin rubbing alcohol will remove it)
Small flower pot
Wiggly Eyes
Heart cutting dyes
E brush
Craftwell Cut n Boss
***Please note -  Adult supervision is needed.***

Cut the egg carton bottom.

Next use the eBrush and a sharpie marker to paint the egg carton shell. These will be the bases for the bugs and flowers.  

Next cutting the wings and flower petals.  I used the large heart die as the wings and leaves, and the smaller one for the petals.

My daughter, Reilee loves cutting the shapes. Even Matthew has a good cutting, with mommy’s help of course.
You will need two wings for each bug and 8 petals. We used a hot glue gun and glued the petals to the backs of the egg carton shells.

Next bend a pipe cleaner in half and glue to the back on the flower.  The add the large hearts to the stem for leaves.
Next to work on the bugs.  First we made our love bugs…
Being silly and having fun!
Glue on your wiggly eyes.  Then glue on the outline from the heart as wings, gently bend outward to glue the solid heart as the main wing.  See the pics below…

Now for our snail…we will use wiggly eyes and a pipe cleaner. Follow the pictures below on how to shape.  Rest the egg carton shell on the pipe cleaner to look like below, then glue into place…

Now to make the snails head…cut about 1 ½ inch above the shell.

Next take the piece you cut and fold it to the length of about 2 inches  (4 inches total) , cut anything over
Make a hook from the 1 ½ in “neck” and wrap it around the folded piece. Next take the ends on the folded and form into circles – as below.

Next glue the eyes on the spiral circles you just made.

Now your bugs are done.
Last step fill your pots and place in your flowers and bugs.  AND OF COURSE HAVE FUN!!!

We will see you next week as we share our family's projects! Please visit our new blog "Home Kool Kitty". We share our home school adventures and so much more!

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