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March 29, 2017

Springtime Butterfly Ornament by Mitsyana Wright another blast from the past!

 Mitsyana Wright 

Hello, Crafty Friends!! It the holiday season and it's time to get those crafty gifts going. Today I have a beautiful butterfly ornament to share. It doesn't only serve as tree decor but as a gorgeous keepsake too.

Supplies Used
Cut'.n'boss (Craftwell)
Teresa Collins Pocket Dies- TodayThankful (Craftwell)
eBrush (Craftwell)
Sharpie Markers- Green & Lime Greem
Spectrum Noir Markers- CG3, GB1, GB2, TN3
Acrylic Ornament
Hemp Twine
Cardstock- White & Green
PITT Artist Pen B (Faber-Castell)
Gesso (Liquitex)
3D Lacquer 
Iridescent Shreds (Optional)

I started off by using my stem and small leaf die from the Teresa Collins Thankful Pocket Die set to cut out white and green cardstock. I usually try to cut out more die cuts than I need... just in case I have an accident or two (or three). LOL

To cut wafer dies I used the following sandwich combination in my Cut'n'boss machine:

From Bottom to Top

Then I added some shading with the help of my ebrush machine and markers. With tiny pieces like these shading and coloring can be difficult. sponging and inking can run the risk of damaging your die cuts. With the ebrush the color sprays on and virtually eliminates the need for vigorous rubbing.

I ebrushed my green leaves with a lime green and regular green sharpie. And my stems in a lime green sharpie then Spectrum Noir markers in CG3 and TN3.

Then I ran my leaves and stem through my 3" Xyron Sticker Maker... turning my pieces into stickers.

Then arranged them onto my ornament... concentrating on the bottom and top of the ornament. I used 6 leaves for the entire top and 8 leaves for the entire bottom. And used 4 stems on the top and 4 stems on the bottom.

I cut out two butterflies for the Teresa Collins Today Pocket Dies set. ebrushed them in Spectrum Noir GB1 and GB2 and hand drew the details with a PITT Artist Pen (B) and used gesso and a toothpick to add the small white dots.

After they were done drying, I ran them through my 3" Xyron Sticker Maker and applied the onto each other. These butterflies are symmetrical and if flipped mirror itself perfectly. Now my butterfly is double-sided. 

I gently curl my butterfly's wing in and pass it through the hole of the ornament. Once the butterfly is inside you can open/ widen the wings by gently pushing on them with a chopstick or paintbrush. Add shreds if desired.

I wrapped twine around neck of the ornament and glued on a bow I made with even more hemp twine.

And here is my finished ornament...

I hope you enjoyed today's project.

And Happy Holiday Crafting!!


For more inspirational projects please visit my personal blog at:

March 28, 2017

Blast from the past! Easter Basket from Joann Jamieson-Larkin

Bunny Basket

Easter is upon us, and if you are needing to come up with an Easter basket, be sure to check out this gorgeous basket by Joann Jamieson! See the gorgeous photos below!

Hi everyone,
Today I want to share with you another fun project featuring the Teresa Collins ‘Woodgrain’ embossing folder and since it is almost Easter I am making a Easter basket.
You can find the basket here from 3 Under 3 and More.  They also have a nice tutorial on how to assemble the basket.  I increased the size of the pieces to 150% and for all of the strips and the handle after they were cut I used my eBosser and the Teresa Collins ‘Woodgrain’ embossing folder to give the pieces the look I wanted.  The bonus of this embossing folder is I did all of my pieces in 1 single pass which is a real time saver.

Here is a closer look at the bottom showcasing the gorgeous Teresa Collins Woodgrain embossing folder

The sandwich combination that is ideal when using these embossing folders is:
Platform A

The embossing folder with the card stock inside

Platform C
Platform D

Here is a closer look at the products I used:


I hope to see you again soon.  I love to read your comments, thank you so much!


Thank you Joann! 

Isn't this bunny basket super gorgeous? And what do you think of Joann's clever use of emboss? 

Be sure to follow Joann on her blog here: 

March 24, 2017

March Madness Sale Is Coming To An End! Hurry!

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March 23, 2017

Tool Book for all of your Craft machine needs! By Heather Wilson

This is a little guide book I put together as a reference for my crafting tools. In this, you can put in samples of each cut-out and texture that can be made with the Cut n' Boss, color references when you need to find just the right shade with the eBrush, and more! Instead of taking time away from crafting to test your materials, this book will have everything you need to use as a reference right now!

A notebook
Decorative paper
Cut n' Boss
die cuts and embossing folders
Hot Glue
Double sided tape

The journal I picked has blank pages on the right, and note taking pages on the left, which was perfect for what I wanted! However, I didn't like the cover, so I picked out some decorative paper and traced around the book for a fancier look. Cut 2 separate pieces for the front and back.

 Leave extra room around the tracing of your book cover for folding neatly over the sides.

Make creases where the folds should be. The folds for the edges is similar to wrapping a present.

 I wanted the inside cover to be decorated too. Cut a piece of paper slightly smaller than the book itself, center, and glue. Next glue the outer cover and edges down.

Cover the binding edge with a piece of ribbon wide enough to reach the  edges of the paper. Hot glue sides of the ribbon to the edge of the decorative paper. Do not put glue directly down the center of the ribbon, otherwise the book won't open properly and the ribbon might come off.

Now you can practice and experiment with your Cut n' Boss! I started by coloring in different embossing patterns.

Attach the embossed paper with double stick tape. 

 Next I moved on to the die cuts, and used my eBrush to make them look pretty! For some of these I had to use a glue stick to attach to the paper.
 While I had my eBrush out, I filled a page using all my different colored sharpies!
 And there ya go! Don't forget to add to your book as you find new techniques.

March 22, 2017

revisiting!!! Amazing Home Decor Project by Peggy Oliver

Hi! Peggy here, today I made a wooden decor item. 
Supplies used today are 
Wood platform

I started with a thin piece of discarded wood roughly 12x11. I layered a thick coating of thick white gesso with a large acrylic paint brush. I was able to create lines that simulated grain.
Next I used two colors of fluid acrylic (titanium white and carbon black)  I randomly used my paint brush as well as my eBrush to create this worn fence or board look with the grain and direction completely different than the original piece of wood.  I used my siphon with my eBrush to spray diluted paint with water to my wood piece in white to tone down the look.
I let the layer dry. I painted the lines across to separate what looks like boards and added marks where rusted nails may have been.

I used my cutting machine to cut out this saying in Vinyl and placed it in the center of my board using transfer paper.

Check out this machine!! Christmas must have for any crafter. The possibilities are endless with the siphon adaptor you can use paint or ink to spray to your heart's content or just use the adaptors that come with your machine and use your markers that you already have.

March 21, 2017

Easy to Make Cake Toppers by Heather Wilson

I made a banana cream cheesecake for a special friend's birthday. This was my first time making cheesecake! Only problem is, you can't exactly use frosting to write "Happy Birthday" on a cheesecake (yuk!) So I put together a fast, easy alternative with my Cut n' Boss.
Decorative Paper
Cut n' Boss and die cuts
Black Sharpie and Pencil
 For the background, I chose a light colored patterned paper. You don't need to use a dark or busy background, otherwise, the words we put on later won't show up well.
 For the words to be facing right, put the die cut right on top of the patterned side. You don't want to deal with the frustration of ending up with backward words!
 Place the die cut on platform A, flat side down. Put your paper on top of this (the back side should be facing up). Remember with die cuts: D is on the bottom, then A (die cut on top of it), B, then A.
 Now stick it all through the slot of your Cut n' Boss and watch it do its magic!
 Here it is cut. I didn't need all that blank space on top, so I folded it before cutting so it would be straighter. However, you can use a ruler if you want to make it perfect...
 Now you need a second (solid)colored sheet of paper for the background. Then use a glue stick and stick it down. Let dry for a bit before cutting it out.
 Prepare to use your best penmanship to do the rest of the words. This is easier and turns out better when starting lightly with a pencil. Get all the spacing and centering worked out with pencil, then go over with a black sharpie.
 Lastly, tape the end of a toothpick(s) onto the back of the paper. You may need two for longer words.

And there you go: a quick, simple, and inexpensive way to spice up someone's birthday dessert!
P.S. The cheesecake was delicious!

March 20, 2017

Home Kool Kitty Basket Surprise!

We are having so much fun getting ready for the Easter Bunny! Reilee and Matthew are really digging their Craftwell equipment.  They really are giving the Cut N Boss and the eBrush a work out!


Cardboard egg carton
Hot glue gun
Ebrush and adaptor piece for sharpies
Scissors ***need adult supervison
Cut the egg carton into individual holders, cut and shape so that two will fit together and make an egg shape. Hot glue the two pieces together. Then color your eggs using the ebrush and sharpies. Let dry. Can use tissue paper, fake grass or even real grass to fill baskets (shown in last week's video). Place eggs in baskets.

March 17, 2017

Freebie Friday: Spring Adventure

Freebie Friday!

The winter is soon to be nothing more than a memory.  This time of year typically motivates us all for spring cleaning and new adventures. It is sometimes a little difficult to get our 'engines started' for this ramping up of energy. Today's 'Freebie Friday' can be printed, colored, and frame to help you go that extra distance.

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