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October 21, 2016

Freebie Friday!


We are thrilled to bring you lovely crafters a freebie every Friday starting next week!  It may be a themed freebie (holiday inspired) or perhaps a goodie you can download and use any time of the year.  Regardless, we would like to hear from YOU as to what you really would enjoy! What is going to keep you coming back each Friday for your goodie? 

Ideas: Printable Art, Coloring Book Pages, SVG Files, etc.

Comment below!

October 20, 2016

Design Team Reveal: Up Close With Debi, Judith and Emily


Last week announced a new series for Thursdays featuring projects designed to make your working lives easier!  Let's take a closer look at the women that will be guiding us along the way.

Hi, I am Debi Tullier. I am so happy to meet you. My love of art, sewing and crafting were grown at the hands of my grandmother. She was a stickler for passing on the skills that would make me a free spirit which is how she saw herself. I don't know if I have made that free spirit title but I sure try!

I am grandmother to two wonderful children. We love to craft, paint, and sew together. I now really understand why my grandmother loved teaching me. Fine arts and graphic arts were my formal focus. I was fortunate to actually illustrate a book, it isn't that fancy just some flat airbrushing. It is a flag book. I love airbrushing. I also had a wonderful opportunity to create a door sized Wurlitzer jukebox. I worked in acrylic plastic, paint and actually made side lights on the door look just like the lights on the jukebox. I used my mechanical skills to create turning acrylic cylinders to create light effects. This was back in the early nineties so many of the lights we take for granted now were not available then. I had to use a metal lathe to machine parts. Thank goodness I had a great teacher. The excitement was overwhelming when I saw my door in a German trade magazine! 

I now have a different life and create most of my works on a smaller scale. I love all art forms. I sew, sculpt and paint in addition to my love of crafting. I have been a designteam member for a few companies and also a designteam coordinator. I find that I have stepped outside of my comfort zone and really loved the challenge! Lastly, I want you to know that I plan to never grow up and will be learning I hope for the rest of my days! I am not an expert of anything but a student of all!

My name is Judith, a graphic designer for Craftwell. Illustration and design in general are my passion and Internet is my favorite source of inspiration, so I guess you can say I am an aspiring memeticist..!

I look forward to seeing the design team's amazing work as well as working with them on some fun & crafty projects! 

Super excited to see what you ladies can do!

Hey everyone! I am Emily, a recently married nerd obsessed with all things artsy.  Very much a 'Renaissance (Wo)man', I have a lot of passions and pursuits mixed into the crazy world I call my 'life'!  

Much of my day is focused on running my music studio (I teach violin, viola, voice, and piano).  I also sprinkle freelance photography into the mix, as well as produce/direct/perform for various film/tv/videography jobs.  You may have seen me on Create and Craft TV if you are a fan of the station. Throw in some graphic design, performance in musicals, and writing of my novel, and that about sums me up!  Oh yeah, and way too much time spent on playing Star Wars The Old Republic (If I am fortunate enough to find time!).

I graduated from Long Island University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and now have settled into life with my amazing new hubby (we were friends for 17 years before tying the knot!). We have two fur-babies (a female mutt and a male German Shepherd), one that is 1 year old and the other that is 7 months. Add a 7 year old child to the mix, and it is safe to say we have a full house of love and chaos!

October 19, 2016

Design Team Reveal: Peggy Oliver


We are thrilled to introduce a new series for Wednesdays featuring creative talents geared towards all things crafting! Imagine a world of paper crafting and other crafts inspired by the Cut n' Boss and eBrush, brought to you by the talented Peggy Oliver. Welcome back, Peggy!

Born in Toronto, Ontario Canada and raised in Calgary Alberta, Mixed Media Artist Peggy Oliver now calls Vancouver Island, British Columbia her home.

I am a mother of three and I have had the pleasure of living on an ocean front acreage with my husband and multitude of animals. I have been crafting for over 8yrs. I love a variety of mixed crafting including DIY, Mixed Media, D├ęcor, Acrylic Painting, Paper Crafting, Mini Albums, Cards and Altered Objects. My love of nature and the quiet, spiritual side are reasons why I feel compelled to paint or just doodle. I create my own personal interpretation of what I see and feel through imagination, color and texture. Most times I just let my mind quiet down and abstract comes out before structured realism. Techniques I have learned the years have led me to become versatile in my use of mediums.
I look forward to creating with wonderful products alongside of some very talented gals!
- Facebook:
- Blog:

October 18, 2016

Design Team Reveal: Heather Wilson


We are thrilled to introduce a new series for Tuesdays featuring creative talents geared towards 'young living'!  What does that mean exactly? Projects focused on DIY home decor and crafting designed to launch independent lives. Welcome to the team, Heather Wilson!

Hi, I’m Heather! I am in my second year of college, majoring in studio art, and this semester I moved into my own apartment. I’m a member of an art club on campus called League of Striving Artists, and get to spend lots of time with other young artists.
Since I was homeschooled my whole childhood, I had plenty of time to develop my drawing skills and explore other art forms and also took painting lessons. My favorite self-taught skill is needle felting! I’ve sold several of my needle felted works in my Etsy shop called Feathered Fauna. I love animals and live with my hedgehog named Sebastian and my goldfish Eric.

October 17, 2016

Design Team Reveal: Sukie Dhillon


We are thrilled to introduce a new series for Mondays featuring creative talents geared towards children! It is with great pleasure that we bring you the phenomenal talents of Sukie Dhillon! 

Introducing: Sukie Dhillon

Hello, this is Sukie! When I'm not working, I take cover in my newly redesigned craft room. I love paper and love creating scrapbook pages, cards, tags, 3D projects and altered items. Designing with vibrant and bright colors brings me so much happiness. I so adore fun and whimsical designs. I enjoy sharing my love of paper crafting with others and hope it inspires them. I also love embellishments and all things that sparkle and shine! It's the simple things in life that bring me joy and playing with paper is one of those things! I began paper crafting in 2006. My obsession with scrapbooking began when my sister showed me her creations. I was immediately inspired to to memorialize all aspects of my life. A few trips to some craft stores and I had a new obsession. You can follow my crafty adventures on my blog:

October 14, 2016

Design Team Reveal: Freebie Friday


We are thrilled to introduce a new series for Fridays!  Freebie Friday will spoil each and every one of you with goodies to download and enjoy.  This could range from free SVGs, free printable art, free coloring book pages, and so on!  The files will constantly change from week to week, so be sure to check them out each Friday so you don't miss a thing!

October 13, 2016

Design Team Reveal: Debi, Judith, and Emily


We are thrilled to introduce a new series for Thursdays featuring projects designed to make your working lives easier!  Imagine a world of sublime organization, no clutter, and cleaning efficiency.  Learn methods and tricks that will streamline your 9-5, or at least make it more enjoyable along the way!!!

Welcome Judith, Debi, and Emily!

October 12, 2016

Design Team Reveal: Jan Hunter


We are thrilled to introduce a new series for Wednesdays featuring creative talents geared towards all things crafting!  Imagine a world of paper crafting and other crafts inspired by the Cut n' Boss and eBrush, brought to you by the talented Jan Hunter. Welcome back, Jan!

Hi, I'm Jan. I was introduced to crafting and the joy creative endeavors bring early in life. That joy has become a life-long passion, thanks to my mom who was an amazing watercolorist and crafter before Alzheimer's took that away. I enjoy working with all kinds of materials and mediums and love to stretch boundaries a bit--taking an old technique and bringing it into the 21st century using the tools we now have at our disposal.

IRL, I'm Mom to 7 adult children, Grandma to 9, wife, and a full-time Elder Caregiver. I also wear the title of IT and Communications Director for a non-profit (working for extra crafting money - LOL).

I've been very fortunate to work with Debi, Judith since the beginning of the eBrush team 2 years ago and Peggy for the last two terms. I am looking forward to continuing to explore, create, build and share this term. Wishing everyone some happy creative time!

October 11, 2016

Design Team Reveal: Claire Campanella


We are thrilled to introduce a new series for Tuesdays featuring creative talents geared towards 'young living'!  What does that mean exactly? Projects focused on DIY home decor and crafting designed to launch independent lives. Who better to do that than Claire Campanella?!

Hi!! Born and raised on LI, just moved out to the country in western Mass with my boyfriend. I'm an Independent Arbonne Consultant and I love what I do. I'm really getting interested in diy projects since there is a lot of organizing and sprucing up to do in our new place. This opportunity with Craftwell popped up at just the right time. Also I love thrift stores and thunderstorms. Woohoo!

October 10, 2016

Design Team Reveal: Niki Davis


We are thrilled to introduce a new series for Mondays featuring creative talents geared towards children! As a result, we could think of no one better than the fabulous Niki Davis to share her ideas and projects for children (including her own adorable little girl)! 

Introducing: Niki Davis

Hi all! My name is Niki, and I am horrible at writing bio’s. I am a 29 year old from Wylie, TX (a suburb of Dallas, that was just voted the #1 small town in the USA to live in!). I have an amazing husband of 5 years, and a beautiful 3 year old daughter named Aven (who is probably the most photographed kid in the world). We have 2 dogs (one of which is larger than most children), and also 3 cats.

I teach 8th grade English Language Arts and Reading in Wylie ISD, which is completely amazing, as I love being able to give back to the schools that I grew up in. Before becoming a teacher I attended around 6 universities, and had a number of different “careers”. I have always been an overachiever who loves to stay busy.

All of my various craft projects allow me to release some of my stress, nothing says “you have too much going on” quite like adding more to it! ☺ However, I love having crafting as my creative outlet. Most of my projects are wood based (I rarely do paper crafting), so I am super excited to see how I can utilize the new Craftwell machines in an “outside of the box” way.

October 7, 2016

Mummy's the word.... Jan Hunter!!!

Isn't he cute?  We used a shelf from a broken bookcase unit as the base for this recycling project and with the help of the eBrush, some markers, painter's tape and a "stencil" made with some mesh and cardboard, and a scrap of vinyl, this Halloween decor project can be completed in a couple of hours!
Let's get started:

Prep the board - TIP:  I'd suggest a thorough cleaning and a light sanding to take off the finish of the shelf.  If you use sharpies, the alcohol paint has a tendency to be a little sticky for a while, especially if you're having to spray several layers of color.  So be sure to let it dry.

Mask the board with painters' tape in the desired patterns.  We just winged it - leaving a space for odd sized eyes - I cut a couple of vinyl circles using some circle dies in the Cut- n- Boss.  Burnish the vinyl on the board just enough to make sure that the ink doesn't bleed into the white space around the eyes.

Now the fun begins... using the eBrush and some Sharpies, begin to fill in the spaces.  I used black for the larger "face" portion and gray for the space between the "wraps."  Let dry for a little bit, then remove one "wrap" at a time.  Using the stencil, lightly spray with a brown marker.  My color was pretty light when it first went on.  You don't need to fill in every space... leaving some openness adds to the charm, IMO.

Add some details around the eyes if desired, I'm still contemplating adding a little more blue/gray around the edges and possibly a little bling that will show up while this sits with his companions on our porch the next couple of weeks.
Using a light touch, spray with a sealer -- and let dry for several hours.
Thanks for stopping by.  Stay tuned there's lots of fun stuff ahead!  You can see more eBrush projects on my blog too.

October 6, 2016

Blast from the Past! Pam Bray does the Trick or Treat Candy Box!

Pam Bray is a very talented designer!  We are so proud to share her project from the past!

Happy Halloween!!!! Pam here today on the Craftwell Blog!!!
Well in 10 days it will be Halloween so there is still 10 days to make some pretty candy packages to give to some of you favorite Trick or Treaters. 

Begin by cutting 3 Sizzix Mini Pumpkins out using the Cut N Boss.

Using Craftwell eBrush and Spectrum Aqua Orange Marker, spray pumpkins.

Repeat with Amber...
Shade with the Spectrum Aqua Crimson Marker. 
Spray leaves with Spectrum Aqua Bud Green Marker.
Shade with Spectrum Aqua Moss Green Marker. 

 Die cut a Sizzix XL Scoreboard Cube using matboard and Cut N Boss with both the A platforms. 
Form cube and ink all the edges.  

 Cut strips of pattern paper. 
Apply adhesive using Xyron Creative Station.

 Ink edges with ColorBox Chest Roan Ink. 
Remove adhesive and place on box. Repeat for inside of box.  

Run pattern paper through the Xyron Creative Station. 
Die cut Honeycomb die from Teresa Collins Memory Pocket Die Set. 

Place on card stock, fussy cut around honeycomb.
Place over pattern strips on box sides.  

Add pumpkins to sides of box with pop dots. 
Fussy cut a small ghost from pattern paper and place on front of box. 

 Die cut Sizzix Candy Box using matboard and pattern paper. 

Place under prepared box to use as box stand. 

Punch circles from pattern paper and place on sides of stand. 
 Here is a closer look at the side of the box. 

the other side with a spider glue to the top. 
I hope you enjoyed my Trick or Treat Box.
We would love to see what Halloween Treat Boxes you might create this season using Craftwell. 

Visit Pam's blog for more inspiraiton!

Hugs Pam

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