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June 4, 2013

Design Team: Denise O'Connor Week 9 Term 6

Black Pearl Cake: Part 1

We are super excited to see the eBosser at work with cake fondant! And we are loving this 4 part series of step by step tutorials for us, that are cake decorating challenged.  See how Denise went to an expert for pointers on how to make the most out of this month's challenge!

Confession Time…this month’s challenge scared me to death!  Craftwell challenged us this month to use our eBosser along with Photo Frost sheets (this month’s sponsor) and create a cake.  Me….create a cake?  Now, I am not saying that I cannot bake a cake, because I can.  I can put frosting on a cake, but as far as decorating a cake…  Let’s just say that I have never decorated a cake that didn’t look like my kids did it.

So when I found out about this challenge, I asked Craftwell if it would be OK for me to bring in a cake goddess to help me with this, and I breathed a great sigh of relief when they said yes.  So to get this month long series started, I would like to introduce you to Jennifer Carreno!

Jennifer has been making and decorating cakes for quite awhile and I always find myself amazed at what she has been able to do…like this…

or how about this one…

YES…that is a life size flamingo and the body is made out of cake!  Don’t even ask me how someone would start to make something like this!

So, Jennifer had never used the eBosser or Photo Frost sheets before, so she was excited to try it out.  After a lot of debate between us, we decided to make a cake that showcases Jennifer’s other love…we will fill you in on that later.  We decided that we shouldn’t do anything too fancy because the whole point of this is to show how easy all of this is.  So we decided that we would work with a cake that had a relatively flat surface.  I told Jennifer to pick whatever shape she wanted to work with.  I thought she would do a simple square, rectangle, or circle….how silly of me!  Here is what she showed up to my house with on Decorating Day!

A pillow shaped cake covered one half in white and the other in black.  I was ready to dig a fork in, but we had to decorate it first.  Be sure to come back next week and I will show you where we went from here. 

Denise O'Connor

Thank you Denise & Jennifer! 

Are you as impressed by that cake flamingo as we are?! We can't wait to hear the breakdown of all the elements going into this cake! Stay tuned next week for Part 2!

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  1. Denise and Jennifer I can hardly wait to see what you do with this cake!! And I find it so hard to believe my awesome eBosser will do cakes...WOW!! Thank you for sharing and I will be here for Part 2.


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