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June 3, 2013

Design Team: Caroline Duncan Week 9 Term 6

Sweet Cupcakes: Part 1

We are thrilled for this month's sponsor Photofrost! We often brag about how the eBosser works great for a variety of uses, and we also brag about how amazing and easy it is to work with fondant and cakes. Well the time has come, to show you why we brag! And for the coming month we will showcase a series to show you how easy it is to work with fondant sheets and the eBosser!

Today, Caroline Duncan will show you the basics of cutting and embossing fondant sheets! 

Hi Everyone!  I’ve been playing with my eBosser in my kitchen!!  Yes, the kitchen!  PhotoFrost is our sponsor for June on the Craftwell Blog and let me tell you how fun it was to decorate cupcakes with the Colored Icing Sheets they provided us!  I received the pastel colors and they are just gorgeous!  They come in 8 x 13 pre-rolled sheets on a special backing paper so that you can print photos on them if you want.  I used them to emboss and die cut right in my eBosser!!  How cool and fun is that!

It was super easy to move my eBosser from my craft studio to the kitchen with the built in handle.  And then the re-set up was a breeze because it’s just plug in and create!  I did wash in warm soapy water all my cutting plates, Craftwell embossing folders, and dies that I was going to use for the cake decorating and then dried everything.

I cut the PhotoFrost Colored Icing Sheets with a pizza cutter wheel into the sizes I wanted for embossing and die cutting in order to make a base foundation for my lemon cupcakes.  Then I removed the Colored Icing Sheet portion from the backing.  I die cut cupcake sized circles with the Spellbinders Standard Circles and Petite Scalloped Circles dies to have the circles to emboss.  You always want to die cut before you emboss so the embossing won’t get mashed as you die cut.  For die cutting, I placed wax paper on my cutting plate, then the die with cutting edge up, a second sheet of wax paper (for easy release from the die),  the Icing Sheet, another sheet of wax paper, then the A plate.  I used the waxed paper paper layers just so the icing sheet would not stick or pick up any imprints from my cutting plates.  My plates are well-used and well-loved and are not pristine smooth, but that is what cutting plates are for and is normal.  When I cut intricate lacey shapes, I just cut a square with the pizza wheel and did the steps above with the intricate die, omitting the circle die.  So, the eBosser cutting plate combination, from the bottom up, is D, E, B, C, wax paper, die with cutting edge up, wax paper, PhotoFrost Icing Sheet, wax paper, A plate.  Use a toothpick if necessary to remove the icing die cut.

For embossing, I placed the die cut Icing circle between sheets of waxed paper in the embossing folders.  I did tape the wax paper into place so it would not slide about while I was placing the folder onto the plates.  Embossed as normal in my eBosser with the regular plate combination (from bottom up – D, C, folder with wax paper, icing, wax paper, then A plate.)  The Icing Sheets are about the thickness of heavy card stock and embosses beautifully!!  My cake decorating will never be the same.  It is just so easy!

To decorate the cupcakes, I used a white icing as my base and then just laid the embossed circles and die cuts shapes on top, pressing in slightly to adhere to the cupcake top.  Next week, I’ll show you how I made stamped edible die cut flowers to decorate the die cut and embossed cupcake tops!!

Products Used:
eBosser by Craftwell
PhotoFrost Colored Icing Sheets (pastels)
Craftwell Magic Celebration LTR Embossing Folder
Craftwell Divine Damask LTR Embossing Folder
Craftwell Regency LTR Embossing Folder
Craftwell Delicate Dots LTR Embossing Folder
Spellbinders Standard Circles Large
Spellbinders Petite Scalloped Circles Large
Spellbinders Grateful Lattice
Spellbinders Medallion One
Spellbinders Moroccan Motifs
Spellbinders Vintage Lace Accents
Wax paper
Lemon Cupcakes
White Icing


Thank you Caroline! 

Is there anything she's can't do?! Be sure to check out more of Caroline's projects on her blog here:

Are you liking this cake mini series? Would you like us to work on more eBosser series? Let us know in the comment section!

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  1. Super cool. I look forward to trying this. Your embossed cupcakes look absolutely beautiful.



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