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June 18, 2013

Design Team: Denise O'Connor Week 11 Term 6

Black Pearl Cake: The Reveal

The time has come! Denise O'Connor and her talented friend Jennifer, will reveal the cake from their Photofrost challenge! 

Well today is the day!  We finally get to see the end results of our cake challenge using our eBossers by Craftwell and Photo Frost Sheets.  Before we do that though, I wanted to share with you something else that my “cake” friend Jennifer Carreno and I did…

We did some rolling!  The Photo Frost sheets are delicate when they are fresh out of the packaging, so we had to take some care with it.  Here you can see Jennifer using the end of a beater to help her roll the Photo Frost.  We also discovered that rolling it as it was coming out of the die, seems to work best with these flowers.

We were so glad that these flowers rolled as well as they did because our entire focal point needed to be rolled.  Have you guessed what it is yet?

Well if you guessed jewelry….you’re right!

Jennifer in addition to be a cake master is also a Premier Designs representative so the idea of combining her two loves into one was just something we had to do.  It also helped that I had the Beautiful Beads die from Papertrey Ink to cut the beads with.

Do you see that little white cup with the small paint brush sticking out of it.  That is the vanilla extract that I told you about last week and we used that to make sure that the ends of the beads stuck well.  In other words, it was our glue for this project.

And here it is…the entire cake all done!

One more tip for you…you may have noticed in my previous posts that the black fondant appeared to have a white powdery substance on it….that was powdered sugar!  In the picture above you will see that the black fondant is now gorgeous and shiny.  Jennifer did that with a steamer.  That is yet another thing I would not have thought of.

I want to once again thank Jennifer for helping me with this project.  I learned so much!  In fact, if we had to do this again, I think I could manage it on my own.  The Photo Frost is easy to work with and you know that I love working with my eBosser, so that is easy peasy.  Jennifer also loved working with the Photo Frost and the eBosser!  She is already thinking of ways of using both in her cakes.  Thanks again Jennifer!

Denise O'Connor

Thank you Denise & Jennifer! What do you think of the end result?!


  1. gorgeous! I would totally wear that necklace :) The flowers are beautifully done as well.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Chark!

    Team Craftwell


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