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June 12, 2013

Design Team: Celeste Collette Week 10 Term 6

Flower Cupcakes: Part 2

We are getting Part 2 of the cake challenge tutorial! See how to cut & emboss fondant on your eBosser!

Last week I showed you a couple of pictures of cupcakes that had inspired me through this process of working with photofrost’s icing sheets, embossing and cutting them was just as easy as doing it with paper. Let me show you how it I did it:
I took the Icing sheets and cut out squares to fit over the flower die just like this picture shows:

As you can see I left the white backing sheets on the icing sheets, I just layered them like I would with paper using the C platform on bottom, die, Icing sheets and then platform A on top.

I was a bit worried the first time I ran them through the eBosser, I thought maybe they would get all over my dies or on the platforms, but as you can tell by the next photo they came out looking perfect!

Next I wanted to embosse them so I decided to use the Delicate Dots embossing folder by Craftwell, can I just tell you that I was so surprise I was to actually see that it worked. I must admit a was a bit skeptical of these sheets at the beginning, but after they came out looking pretty perfect  using them with my dies and eBosser I was pretty excited to see how it would look after I embossed them.
How to emboss:
I used Platform D,C,embossing folder (with the cut icing sheets inside), and last on top Platform A.

Run them through and wait for the eBosser to work it’s magic!

This is what they looked liked... NICE huh?
I will tell you that they are pretty thin Icing sheets and I had one or two little flowers break, but I think it was mostly my fault since I might of left them out a little to long before I cut them, so they became a little harder to work with. So make sure when you use these sheets to be very careful not to leave them out too long or they will get a little dry. When I wasn’t using mine I would put them back in their zip locked package and kept them in the pantry.
Anyways, I had so much fun working with these sheets and the eBosser and I cut different shapes of flowers and embossed them with other folders. Next week I will show you the rest of the folders that used and how I put them together to make them a cute little flower!


Thank you Celeste! 

See more of Celeste's project tutorials on her blog here:

Are you excited for next weeks reveal? We can't wait for you all to see the finished product! 


  1. This is just AMAZING! The Ebosser is at the top o my wish list now!

  2. It is a great tool! Thanks for visiting our blog!

    Team Craftwell


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