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May 3, 2012

Design Team: Debi Tullier Week 4 Term 3

Recycling plastic bags with my eCraft!

Debi has some amazing ideas when it comes to reusing! Here she created a chic way to recycle plastic bags!

Again with the Summer rushing in. I decided to make another recycled project to make with my grand-daughter. This one project could be used in so many other ways as well.
I was so excited to try this with my eCraft. I made plastic shopping bags into ecraft cut able fabric. It is so easy and there are so many applications you could use it for. I also used my Xryon Meg Runner to decorate my doll handbag creation.

Plastic grocery bags

an Iron

Cardstock to press the bags   with

small hard plastic box

colored twine

Baker’s twine

painter’s tape

Xyron’s Mega Runner

Xyron’s 1.5   Create-a-Sticker

CraftwellUSA’s eCraft Die   cutting machine

Veggie cutting mat

The first thing that I did was cut my shopping bags apart. I made five layers of rectangles with the bags. I made 12 inches wide and 10 inches deep to fit my veggie cutting mat. I then smoothed the plastic and placed it between two sheets of cardstock and used my iron to heat it and make it stick together first.

Next I taped the plastic to my mat and placed in my eCraft. I used a petal design that come on the Fundamental's one card to cut out my blossoms. I was really surprised that the cutting was so easy. I also cut the base flower out of cereal box.

I layered the flowers together and used a small brad to stack them together. Next for embellishment I used my Xyron’s 1.5 Create-a-Sticker to create a twine boder for my dolly bag. It was also very easy. I took painter’s tape and placed it on a small plastic box. I was able to wrap baker’s twine (solid) color very tightly around it. The painter’s tape held it together. I cut the twine right above the tape and then ran it thru my Xyron’s 1.5 Create-a-Sticker to make a continuous ribbon of twine to run around the top and bottom of my little “purse” I also used some multicolored cord to make a handle.

I also place the handle cording under this adhesive border. I then used my Xyron’s mega Runner to place the Flower focal point on the front. I love it and hope Reilee’s dolly will too!
This has been so much fun finding items to recycle and yet share with someone that means the world to me. I love sharing my love of crafting with her!
Have a great week more to come next week!

Thank you Debi!

See more of Debi's designs on her blog here:

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  1. I definately have to try making this recycled "fabric"using your technique, I have used the parchment paper + stabalizer option, but was not pleased with the results... TFS Debby,
    have a great day!


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