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March 21, 2012

Design Team: Lyssa Zimmerman Week 11 Term 2

Lyssa's Pretty To- Do List

Lyssa is always coming up with home decor projects, and we love them! Today, she created a cute way to keep your day organized and super stylish! Who said you coudn't be cute & functional?

Here is her how-to:

This week's project is SO simple to do. It took me all of 10 minutes to make!

You just need a frame, scrapbook paper, some bake and shrink paper, and a dry erase marker, along with the eCraft machine, of course.

I cut out the "Today" with the eCraft using the bake and shrink paper, pressure to 8 and 5 inches
I colored it black then baked it. It shrunk to a perfect size that fit perfect on the frame. Since the design I chose to shrink was a bit delicate, it took some prodding on my part to flatten and get back in a descent shape. But it worked out just fine :)

I took my frame and grabbed some scrapbook paper, cut it to 8x10 and placed that inside the frame.
So now you have a dry erase Today board.Perfect for the office or kitchen!

Today for me, Laundry, Vacuum and hopefully a NAP
It's super simple but makes a great statement in your home! Just make sure you have a dry erase marker that works better than mine! lol!


Cute!!! Thank you Lyssa!

For more home decor projects, visit Lyssa's blog here:


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  2. Hahaha I know how that feels! DRY dry erase markers! Love the idea though - I write notes to my daughter on the bathroom mirror and this is a way cuter way of doing it! lol


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