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March 20, 2012

Team Craftwell: Jazmin Gibbons

Bake & Shrink Embellishments

We have a short but sweet tutorial from Team Craftwell's, Jazmin Gibbons. She created a cute birthday tag, that would dress up a simple paper bag gift wrap. Using Print On It: Bake & Shrink Material she created a cute embellishment to frame the Birthday Wishes!

Hi everyone! I'm back and today, I have another quick and easy project! Truth be told. I'm don't have the best memory, and my friends birthday slipped my mind (I know, I know. I'm a horrible person!) Anyway, I wanted to make it up to her, and went to the place where I could purchase her forgiveness: Forever 21. She is addicted to accessories, so I figured, she would forgive me if I gifted her a couple of rings and bracelets. ;) It was an awesome shopping experience, and I got home to wrap up all her goodies, when I realized..... I didn't have any wrapping paper!

It was too late to go to the store, and she was meeting me in an hour for lunch...So, I decided to put all her goodies in a paper bag (the ones for lunch) and created a cute tag to dress it up!

Bake & Shrink is AWESOME! I use it to create my own embellishments and today, was not the exception! I used a free lime chevron pattern, that I downloaded here. And printed it on my Bake & Shrink Material. Once dry, placed the material in my eCraft to cut a frame from the Jen Allyson's Design Card. Then, I took my frame cutout and  baked for 2 minutes.

Once the frame cooled, I glued it on top of my little "Happy Birthday" sentiment stamp, on my tag, and my paper bag looked super chic!

I have decided that I will create all of my embellishments from now on! How about you?have you created your own embellishments?


See more of Jazmin's crafts, on her blog here:

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  1. That would also be fabulous as a luggage tag (laminated of course)!


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