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October 16, 2011

Design Team: Denise O'Connor Week 5

Denise O'Connor's Boo Bars

Halloween is almost here! And today we have an adorable tutorial made possible by Denise, that comes just in time for all those trick-o- treaters!

Happy Monday everyone! Are you ready for another fun filled week here on the eCraft by Craftwell blog?? I know I am! This week, the Design Team has been given free reign! That’s right, we have each been tasked with making a project of our choice using the amazing Square1! I am absolutely loving this material especially since it helped me out with a Halloween tradition here in our house!

My eldest son, who is about to turn 7 is in LOVE with Halloween. I asked him if he liked Christmas or Halloween better, and he could not decide! This year marks the third year that we have “dressed up” our Halloween candy to pass out to the trick or treaters and of course to share with his friends at school. I always like to do this project so that he can help me with it! He loves to help Mommy, but sometimes it gets too complicated for him. This year, I decided to do something pretty easy so that it would keep his interest. I did all the prep work ahead of time, and then invited him to help me with the assembly. Here is what we did this year.

Now, you may be wondering how did Square 1 help with these simple candy wrappers. Well it came in the seal on the back of the wrapper or the sticker as my son called them.

Let’s start at the beginning, I used an assortment of pre-made candy wrappers that I got from Lettering Delights and printed them all out on my printer and then trimmed them with my paper trimmer. Since I was making 72 of these candy bars, I wanted to keep it simple! Next I printed up some coordinating digital papers onto my Square 1 (I just LOVE how vibrant the colors are printed on this stuff!). Next I turned to my Make the Cut and the Lettering Delights Halloween Cut-Its Set. I selected Tombstone 1 and added that to the mat. 

I next added some text to fit inside that tombstone. The font that I used here is LD Twylight from Lettering Delights.

I then used the Duplicate feature to copy all those tombstones with the words to fill up the print area. Next I deleted the ones that were outside of the print area.

The next thing that I did was hide the tombstones so that only my text was showing on the mat and then I ran the Square 1 that I had printed my digital paper on through the printer again and printed the text on. After doing that, I hid all the text and selected all the tombstones and rotated them so that they fit in the bottom right hand corner of my mat. 

Next I cut out my Hinge from the Print & Cut Hinge Method. Once I had my Hinge in place, I lined up my Square 1 underneath it so that the tombstone shapes would cut around the words. Since I had taken the time to line up all the text with the tombstones earlier, those dimensions were all in tact so that I could cut out all of my candy wrapper seals for that page in one pass. I made extra careful to keep my hinge in place the whole time so that I could re-use it for each sheet.

Then it was time for the assembly and this is where the Square 1 really helped me out! You see, I love doing these things with my kids, but I am also a perfectionist. I wish it didn’t bother me so much that my son didn’t line up the “stickers” the way I would, but it does. As my son was doing this, I was cringing in my head, but then I remembered that Square 1 is removable! So guess what I did…whenever he put one on that was crooked or something, I would peel it up and re-stick it down to my liking. You do need to be careful peeling it up off of paper, but it can be done! Crisis averted!

Another thing that dawned on me as we were doing this project is that since Square 1 is removable…it would make an excellent envelope seal! So I just had to try it out, and it is wonderful! You can open and close that envelope many times over! Oh the possibilities!

Hope you enjoyed my project today and maybe it even inspired you a little to get the kids in your life involved with your crafting! Be sure to come back every day this week for more projects by Debi, Lisa, and Raven!

 Denise O'Connor
 How cute is that?! Are you just loving all the projects from Square 1?

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