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September 20, 2012

Team Craftwell: Jazmin Gibbons Guest Post

Thanksgiving Card
Do you send cards to friends for Christmas? Jazmin Gibbons of Team Craftwell does, but instead of Christmas Cards she does Thanksgiving ones. See what she will be sending out this year to family & friends!
Hi everyone!
I'm covering for the lovely Debi Tullier, who is out today but will be back next week with another beautiful project!
Today I wanted to share the card I will be sending out to family & friends. I used to send out cards for Christmas, but it always seemed really hard to get things together during that time, not to mention that everyone sends out cards for Christmas and sometimes they just get thrown in a pile.
I decided to send out Thanksgiving cards a few years ago, as a way to update our friends and family on our life, and to say THANK YOU to all of those who have been there for us through out the year.
This year, I'm using the amazing eBosser to create this quick card:
 The card is simple, because I have to make about 80 of them, and I try to start early on the card making and then work on our family message.
So, it's simple and to the point. But the colors and embossing make it cozy and elegant.
And now, for the how to:
eBosser & Regency embossing folder
Worldwin Paper  green, blue, orange, metallic (it cuts and embosses like no other paper!)
Dear Lizzy 'blessed' sticker
3D dots
Circular Frame from eCraft Central
Jen Allyson's SD card for eCraft
flower paper from stash I had (sorry, don't know what brand it was!)
Fundementals SD card (leaf)
Xyron mega runner

I cut my  green cardstock with my trimmer to create a 4x6 card. Then I cut one square from the blue cardstock that was 3x5 and embossed with my eBosser and used my Xyron runner to glue on the top of the card. Next, I used my eCraft Software Pro and cut my darling circle frame and set aside. I used my eCraft pro as well and downloaded the scalloped frame from eCraft Central to use as a layer, and cut that with the orange paper, and used my Fundamentals SD card to cut the leaf from the Nature Category. I wanted to use my metallic mirror paper, so I used Jen Allyson's SD card and cut the frame that hold the world 'blessed' and it added a bit of reflective goodness and I liked it, because when you look at it, you can see yourself! And that was awesome, since I want everyone who gets the card to know they are blessed.

Ok, so to put it together, I just glued the scalloped frame to the card, then I glued the circular frame on to, and used 3D dots to put the mirror paper frame on the top and put the 'blessed' sticker on the top of that, and for a touch of fall, I used another 3D dot to hold the leaf for added dimension.

And that's it!

It took me like 5 minutes to assemble!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!


Thank you Jazmin! Do you like the idea of sending out Thanksgiving cards? Do you make your cards or usually order them? let us know below!


  1. cute I don't have an ecraft but love the idea I always do Thanksgiving and Christmas cards. Me and 2 girlfriends do a getaway for 4-5 days and I have everything pre-cut and just put my cards together then. Going in Nov. this year AND i have the EBOSSER!!!!! yahooooooooo

  2. Jazmin I love your card. I thank you so much for covering for me and want to say how talented you are! I hope to see more of your beautiful stylings! Thank you again!

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  6. Sweet card. Love that embossing texture combined with the shapes. Truly a delightful thanksgiving card.


  7. Its really amazing art work its look so beautiful and interesting, I would love try to do this at home. I really appreciated your work and skills. Tom Cruise Leather Jacket Thanks for sharing!


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