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October 18, 2011

Design Team: Debi Tullier Week 5

Debi's Functional Seam Guides

Today's tutorial is not only cute, but it's functional too! Debi is going to show us how to make some seamguides using the eCraft!

I am so excited about this week's project. I use my sewing machines quite often. I am a collector of sewing machines from the era of the 30's to the present time. So often when I get ready to sew I have to break out the seam guides to establish the stitch line. I sew a lot of quarter inch seam lines. I finally put my thinking cap on and used my eCraft and my new favorite Square 1 Masterpiece to make some removable guides. I was so quick and easy. Now my seam lines will be straight, and accurate without fuss!

I used Sure Cuts A Lot Software to make my guidelines. I started with a rectangle. I unlocked the "keep proportion"  check box and put in the exact measurements. When I finished I added an arrow to help me.

I again used the flap method so that I could match up my images. The flap method was easier the second time around. I quickly was able to match up the guidelines and cut them out. I am so glad that I did this project as it will work wonders and make my sewing so much easier!

I also made a guide for my eCraft. I always like to know where my blade starts or where my pen starts. This is primarily when I am cutting from the card and not the computer. I can get more from my fabric or other materials this way. So here is the photo of my trolley with arrows attached.

I hope this shows you how versatile our machines are. Not only do they make beautiful decor and so many other great embellishments, but they can also be used to make functional items making our jobs so much easier!
Please watch for my post next Tuesday...I hope my next project is a tre
at and not a trick!!

Thank you Debi! To find out more about Debi and her projects, visit her blog here:

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