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May 4, 2022

Airbrush Sneaker

 Hi everyone! 

It's Katie with another project and I finally got a chance to airbrush the other sneaker.

I got to brainstorming on what could compliment the other airbrushed sneaker, so I decided on a landscape around the sneaker. 


Craftwell eBrush Airbrush System

One used sneaker

Sharpie marker adapter

Sharpie markers (used about 7 colors)

Painters tape


First thing, I lined the bottom of the sneaker that I don't want to airbrush with the painters tape.

I airbrushed free-hand and only had a photo as a reference. But if need assistance, you can always take a pencil or pen and do a rough drawing onto the sneaker. If you never used the eBrush, I would suggest you test it out on paper and get familiar with it before airbrushing anything.

How I started off with airbrushing was starting with light to dark colors, and free-handed all the smaller details such as the mountains and trees. 

*When airbrushing, it's best to work on top of a piece of cardboard or something so you don't stain your workplace.

Here is the finished product:

Here's both finished sneakers:

In case you missed my post for the other sneaker: 

Hope you all enjoyed my project and was inspired. Until next!!

- Katie

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