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March 16, 2022

eBrush Fun

 Hi everyone!

Katie here with a fun project using Craftwell's eBrush and markers. I'm not an advanced eBrush user, but I can still utilize the marker adapters and create something pretty. 

I took used pair of sneakers, which had some stitched on patches and doodles on it. I only airbrushed one sneaker and decided to save the other side for another time.

First, took off the patch with seam ripper which you can find at a Michaels or something. I used was rubber alcohol with a paper towel to clean the sneaker the best I can.

For the design, I was inspired by sunsets and storms. I thought some darker shades will help hide the doodles made on the sneaker. One side of the sneaker and tongue will have a sunset, and the last side will have a thunderstorm. To help, I went onto google for some image ideas and gathered my materials.


Craftwell eBrush

Spectrum Noir marker adapter

Spectrum Noir markers

Tulip Metallics - White fabric paint

Painter's tape



Next step, taped the top edge of the sole to which I want to keep white untouched. Took some cardboard I had lying around to line my area and placed a small piece in the shoe so I don't any color on the inside. From there, I started off with lighter shades then worked myself up to the darker ones. 

I used the white fabric paint to create lightning bolts and clouds.

Here I have my finished project:

Hope you all enjoyed my project and it inspired you.

Till next time!

- Katie


  1. i love this shoe's, thank you for sharing with us

  2. I created the sunset background for this card by using scraps of paper as masks. First, I cut a wavy border and sprayed tan along the bottom for the sand. I flipped the wavy strip over to cover the sand and then sprayed the top left corner of the card with yellow. Next, I used a punch circle as a mask for the sun by placing it over the yellow mist I just put down. Then, I used orange, pink and purple sprayed in concentric circles out from the sun mask, softly blending the colors into one another (I hope I’m making sense here).


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