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May 1, 2020

Dinosaur doll house

Hello peeps, it’s Swathi here from Cookies Cake and Love with a fun quarantine project made to engage my son. I have come up with an art project this time and not a cake or cookie 😂. With everyone stuck at home now, the kids are getting bored too soon. To keep them engaged here is a fun doll house you can make with the things you have at home.

My son who is almost 5, who wanted a doll house for his dinosaurs and as any excited (read exhausted😅) mom I made him this doll house with a Costco grocery box and some patterned paper from Michael’s that I got from my friend years ago.

My son wanted a look alike wood floors for his house. So I used my trusted Craftwell eBrush with siphon kit and used some brown watercolor diluted with water and sprayed on some card stock paper. I then used a brown marker and drew lines to mimic the wood floor boards and drew some pattern. Looks close enough isn’t it.

I made a couple of sheets and it was also time to decorate the home. I used the patterned paper as wallpaper and stuck them on the sides. I then made a bed, sofa and kitchen counter tops with a old letter box and used some scrap fabric to give some volume to it. I hot glued all of them to the board so that it doesn’t move.

I made a center table out of air dry clay and used my Craftwell eBrush along with the marker adapter and spray painted it red. I then added a touch of gold to make it shimmer. I was able to put these all up with very few items.

Here are some more pictures of the doll house.

Hope this inspires you to make some fun doll houses with your little ones and I would love to see your creations. Thank you.

- Swathi

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