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October 4, 2016

Blast from the Past...Recycling Halloween Spirits!

Another blast...

Halloween decor is super fun! And even better when you can use you eBosser! 

I love Halloween, it is a wonderful holiday filled with creativity and fun. I love the costumes and all of the camaraderie that we all share.
I love creating unique items for my Halloween décor. So this year I decided it was time to use those junky paper sales flyers in my newspaper for something fun.

A Haunted Wreath!

So easy and fun to make!

one wire hanger bent in a ring
bottle of acrylic paint
squares of junk paper with a slit cut in
Pearl Paper to make the ghost
Craftwell eBosser
Teresa Collins assorted embossing folders
Lots of fun.

Steps: Take the bent hanger and paper squares. I tear a hole in the center of each of the paper squares and coat them with acrylic paint. I use my hands and get covered with paint. I love doing this. Now at first you will think it won’t work and then all of the sudden the papers dry up  and start filing out your wire form.

I love the texture from the acrylic on the junk paper. I let some of the type show thru and it makes a wonderful indoor decorating item. Once dry then you can put on your embellishments.

I chose to make ghosts and leaves to haunt my wreath. I applied the texture to the paper first. I love my Teresa Collins Embossing Folders, and I used them to texture my ghosts.

I used the Stardust and Décor Circles to emboss my Ghost. Then I smeared colored glitter glue on all. I love my wreath and can’t wait to make more of them. Please join me in using items that we normally throw away to create fun.

See you next week!


Thank you Debi! 

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