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August 15, 2016

Recycling with my eBrush by Craftwell USA by Peggy Oliver

Hello and Happy Monday!! 
Today I would like to share with you my plans to "REUSE and RECYCLE" a picture frame I picked up at my local second hand store. The frame I picked up was a brown well made frame with a second frame inside of the frame itself. I took out the picture that was inside the frame and took it all apart. 
I used white gesso to paint the outside of the frame and inside frame. Next it was time to go picking leaves in the yard as well as a huge leaf I picked out of my last flower arrangement from the hubby.  I layered my leaves small to big on the biggest paper I had which was a watercolor paper but I am sure you could use any kind. 

I took out my eBrush by Craftwell USA and brown markers and sprayed my top layers of leaves.  

 As I sprayed the edges of each leaf all the way around I was pushing them flat to try to achieve a crisper edge especially on the big leaf as it had the most underneath it. Once the top layer was sprayed I took a purple marker and sprayed the edges of the largest leaf.  I used the very thin stem to create a pattern on all the white space.  Lastly I tried my hand at hammering the leaves to see if they would leave a pattern.  Well, they did at the bottom of the page you will notice some green marks but not quite the result I was looking for. You can barely make out the green (not painted) leaves.  The green came from the leaf itself on the final pictures.
 Then it was time to put it all together.  I cut my paper into four pieces.  I backed them up onto black cardstock to give them each a framed look.  Before mounting onto the cardstock I used distress stain on the white edges after cutting to eliminate the white core of the paper.  With each of my four pieces ready to tape (double sided tape) I arranged them onto a cardboard backing and inserted that into my frame.  I put all of my pieces of frame back together and that's it! Wall Art!.
Reducing landfill garbage, Reusing and recycling the frame!

A bit hard to photograph as it is glass but I love it!!

Have a great week!!

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  1. Love your upcycle project, Peggy! It turned out beautifully!


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