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February 11, 2016

Squash Card & Gift card Holder

Cut 'n' Boss Design Team: Alexia Misso Cycle 12

Hi all! I'm back today with a Valentine's project and I want to share how I make this squash card and gift card holder combo.

What you will need to create this project:
- Two 4 x 7" Card Stock
- Three 8 x 8" Printer Papers
- Patterned Papers
- Other Basic Craft Tools


Step 1: Prepare two 7 x 4" card stock such as following. Trim the top corners off and cut the bottom into 1" wide connecting strips (don't cut it all the way).

Step 2: Join the two card stocks together like you would to weave a basket, cut the excess and glue the opening. Then take three 8 x 8" printer paper and fold in in all directions (as shown in red lines). The result should looks like the one in picture 3 below.

Step 3: Connect the folded papers together by gluing the 1/4" of the squares onto 1/4" square of the other. Cut a piece of square card stock that is slightly larger than the folded paper, glue it to one side of the joined papers. Apply some double-sided foam tapes on the back of the "weaved" heart shape and place the folder papers right on top of foam tapes. As shown in 3rd picture below, cut an opening at the front of the heart to form a pocket (as the gift card holder). If you prefer, draw dotted lines on each squares on the heart shape.

Step 4: Decorate the inside of the folded printer paper with patterned papers. Picture 2 and 3 show how it looks like when it's folded. Trace the heart shape on a card stock and adhere it to the other end of the squash card.

Step 5: Prepare die-cut embellishments.

Step 6: Embellish the inside of the folded papers with the die-cuts from Step 5.

Step 7: Use the "LOVE" die-cut piece as the gift card holder and insert it into the opening created in Step 3. Use a square card stock and glue to the back of "LOVE" die-cut for a stronger support for holding the gift card.

I hope you will make this project! I got the original ideas from Craftingeek and Gustamonton, by combining two different techniques (squash card and weaved heart) into one. The gift card holder part is an addition from me. hehe. Thank you for checking out my post, hope you have a crafty day too!


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