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June 17, 2015

Tag with a Flair!

ebrush Design Team: Jan Hunter  Week 5 Cycle 2


Latina Crafter 2015 LOGO
Our sponsor this month is the incredible Latina Crafter!  I have really enjoyed working with their products!  

This mini tag album was fun to create using the Puntos and Cumpleanos stencils from Latina Crafter! 

You'll need:

Wooden Tags (1 1/2" x 3 1/4) from
Latina Crafter Stencils
Latina Crafter Wood Veneers, Feliz Cumpleanos
Craftwell eBrush, AD Adapter (with foam cushion hack)
Craftwell Siphon adapter, siphon cup
Classic Markers (Stampin' Up!)
Ink refills in coordinating colors
Acrylic craft paint
Modge Podge
Scotch Quick Dry Glue
Electronic Die Cutting Machine
TC Pocket Dies (Lucky Tag)
Cardstock (white or light gray)
Ribbon or twine
Foam brush (for paint and Modge Podge Application0
embossing folder*



Tag 1:  Paint all the tags white.  I only did one side and covered the back side with some stenciled and eBrushed paper

Using the eBrush with the markers, create an ombre effect using 3 markers as desired and the Puntos stencil. 

Lightly edge the tag with gray or brown marker
Cut the SO using your die cutting machine.  You can ungroup the 'O' and remove the inner circle and replace it with a heart.

Weld the S and the O so they cut as one unit.
Change to the siphon adapter, with a small amount of ink, spray the die cut.  set aside to dry.
Apply a light coat of modge podge to the tag.  Lay the SO on the tag as desired and set aside to dry.
You can apply another light coat of Modge Podge when the first has dried.
If you apply something to the back of the tag, seal it with Modge Podge as well.


Tag 2:    Cut the Lucky tag using the Cut-n-Boss using the sandwich as described below:
Stencil the Lucky Tag with the Banner stencil from the Feliz Cumpleanos set.  Use the eBrush with the AD Marker adapter and the SU markers. 

If desired for a little more texture and interest, emboss the are above the lettering with an embossing folder of your choice using the Cut-n-Boss with the following sandwich:
Add a strip of contrasting color to the back of the Lucky Tag for a little more interest.
With the ebrush and a gray marker, add some gray along the edge of the tag.
Apply a light coat of Modge Podge to the wooden tag and place the Lucky Tag centered on the tag.  Let dry.  Apply a "dusting" of gray along the edge of the tag.  Apply a second coat of Modge Podge to seal the tag. 

Finish the back of the tag as desired.


Tag 3:  Using the eBrush and marker and the Balloon Stencil from the Feliz Cumpleanos, add some color to the tag.
Cut a 2 using your die cutting machine, color using the siphon adapter.
Edge the tag with a light 'brushing" of gray along the edges.  I also spattered some gray on the tag.
Apply a light coat of Modge Podge and add the 2 while the coat is still wet.  Let dry.
Use some scotch quick dry glue to add the banner veneer cut.  When that has dried, brush on a second coat of Modge Podge.  Let dry.
Finish back of tag as desired.


Tag 4: Cut a paper tag using the electronic cutting machine -- I chose the word celebrate for my tag.
eBrush the Hat Stencil onto the tag using a marker.  Add a bit more color using another marker.  Allow the marker to splatter here and there.
Add some gray to the edge of the wooden tag.  Add a light coat of Modge Podge, while it's still wet, center the paper tag and let dry.
Add highlights if desired and a second coat of Modge Podge.
Finish the back and seal with Modge Podge and set aside with the rest of the tags.


Tag 5:  Ebrush and stencil using the Puntos Stencil again.
Add some gray to the edges.
Choose a photo as a focal point and trim to size as needed.
Use that Modge Podge again to seal the wood and as "glue" for the photo to the tag.

When that has dried, add a few dabs of glue to the back of the Veneer hat.  You can apply a second coat of Modge Podge if you'd like.

Finish the back as desired and be sure to sign your project.

My husband is celebrating a milestone birthday this year, so I'm planning some extra goodies for him.  He usually doesn't read my blog, so I hope he won't take a huge interest until AFTER his birthday!  LOL

By the way, every tag album needs a container.... stay tuned that's up next!
Thanks for dropping by!  Hope you'll be spending some time in your craft space creating soon!


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  1. WOW!! what an awesome project Jan, you did fabulous, thanks for sharing with us your creativity!!


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