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June 19, 2015

Flowering Heart featuring the eBrush Siphon Adapter!

Ebrush Design Team: Jan Hunter shows some siphon work!

Thank you to Jan Hunter for this beautiful piece of work featuring the eBrush Siphon Adapter! It is a winner!!!

Clay, paper, burlap and cotton cording make for some fun with this heart.  Add some color, beads and a button and you're good to put this project together as a very nice gift for someone special. 

You'll need:
Oven bake clay (Sculpey was used for this project)
scrap paper
cotton cording
markers (Spectrum Noir)
burlap/canvas scrap (mine is from Canvas Corp)
circle wafer die 
Die Cutting machine
ebrush, siphon adapter
cookie cutter or mold
E6000 glue
2 step bird punch, 3/4" circle punch

Prepare your clay according to the manufacturer's directions.  Form into desired shape.  I chose to string a cord through the top and down to the bottom, so using the straw, I make two holes to string the cording through.  The size of the shape you use will determine how much cording you'll need.  Using the ebrush *siphon adapter, mix some pearl ex with  enough water to make it fluid.  Bake as directed. Let cool.  *If you don't have a siphon adapter yet, you can brush the pearl ex on the unbaked clay. 

 While your shape is baking, begin to prepare your paper pieces.  Cut as shown in the photo below.  I ran put each piece through a paper crimper about 10 times.  Enough to break down the fibers and separate each disc into 2 layers.  See the photo below (click to enlarge).  Wad it up to add more texture to the piece.  With the "suede feeling" side facing you fold in half and in half again so you have a quarter circle.  Carefully make two cuts towards the folded center  for petals.  Unfold.  Using a piercer, make a hole in the center and place a mini/small brad. 

Cut a burlap circle using your die cutting machine.  Set aside. 

Thread your cording through the heart (as shown in the photo above).  To keep the cording from sliding, secure by adding a knot behind each of the holes.  Thread your beads on the bottom ends of your cording.  Knot each end and for extra security, slide your bottom bead up a bit and add a dab of glue on the cording and slide the bead back down in place.  Using the bird punch, cut 3 wings and color those as well using the eBrush and markers.  You can add some dimension by turning the leaves over and using an embossing tool, "draw" in veins.

Place all of your embellishments on the heart as desired.  The burlap goes down first, then the flowers and leaves and the button/charm last.  I used the E6000 glue to secure everything and let it dry overnight to make sure everything is secure. 

Have some fun!  Make this one yours.  I got the idea from here

Thanks for dropping by... hope you've got some crafting time on the calendar!  And don't forget to drop by here frequently to see what the rest of the design team has been up to.

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