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July 10, 2013

Design Team: Celeste Collette Week 1 Cycle 7

Classy Handouts

Whether you're making a card for a special someone or something practical, the best glue ever from ScraPerfect is a handy tool! See what Celeste Collette used it for today!

This last week I was in charge of making handouts for my church, the first thing I though about using was my embossing folders from craftwell and the eBosser.  I really like the Regency embossing folder and I thought this one would be perfect for the handouts. Here’s a few of the products that I used:
Regency  embossing folder
“Best Glue ever” from Scraperfect
I first ran the paper through the eBosser with  platforms D,C, embossing folder and platform A on top. Here’s a picture of how the paper turned out... I think it turned out perfect!

I cut out my printed paper quotes (that I got off from and I used the glue from Scraperfect “best glue ever.” I would like to add that this glue is awesome, it’s so easy to use and a little goes a long ways. I may have even used a little too much on this piece. One thing that I like about this glue is that it dries clear.

One more thing I like about this glue, it doesn’t wrinkle the paper YAY!!

After letting the paper dry for a few minutes I took my hole punch and did two little holes on top of the paper about an inch apart and with ribbon I tied a little bow. I think that added the perfect touch to these handouts! I love that my eBosser can handle some of my bigger projects and also some of the smallest things like paper handouts!


Thank you Celeste! 

See more of Celeste's projects on her blog here: 

1 comment :

  1. These handouts are AMAZING. Your church is very, very lucky!!!! I hope people saved them because they are treasures.

    And yes, WAY too much glue. This ain't no ordinary white glue. Just some tiny dots or a thin bead around the edges is all you need. it will dry faster, be neater and last even longer. Seriously--use less than you think you need and if it's not enough, then you can add more--but I bet you'll be amazed. And try making your own Sticky dots with the glue. SO easy and very economical! yo can even made sheets of pre-stuck embellishments. Or try stamping and foiling with the glue... So many possibilities.


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