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June 28, 2013

Design Team: Debi Tullier Week 12 Term 6

Faux Letterpress using the Craftwell eBosser!

Letterpress style cards on the eBosser... possible? Well, find out on today's post!

I recently saw a post on the Yahoo eBosser Support group about the letterpress and wanted to find out more it and the process used to make your eBosser a printing press.

So I borrowed a friend’s press plates and off on my journey to letterpress.

I experimented with different surfaces and finally discovered that if I cut a chopping sheet in half it made a folder for my “letterpress” it would work.

I used my C, D, and A plate for my sandwich. I placed the “letterpress” under the A and on top of the C and D. It worked pretty well. By the way my paper is hand decorated.

I also used my CraftwellUSA’s eBosser for the beautiful embossed surface of my card. I love using my eBosser as it has such a beautiful sharp emboss. I am still working on this idea but wanted to share my success so far. Hope your week is wonderful,


Thank you Debi!

See more of Debi's projects on her blog here: 


  1. please do give us more info sounds like a great technique

  2. Debi, I just received my ebosser today and it won't work!!!! Any suggestions ???? It came about 3:45 after rechecking and even changing electric sockets unplugging the other 2 cords an replugging ,still nothing, the blue light lights up an that is it!!! I called craftwell 4 times ,1 to teck support, 1 to sales an 1 to customer anknow one answered but a recording!! Im sooooo disappointed!!! I can't believe it!! thank you

  3. @jean,

    We will be sure to have our customer support get in contact with you on Monday morning.

    Our customer service department is open M-F 9am- 5 PM EST. it may be possible you called after hours. Be rest assured we will assist you as soon as possible.

    Team Craftwell


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