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December 7, 2012

Guest Designer: Celeste Collete

"Joy" Burlap & Felt Banner
Hello eBosser lovers! We have a great guest designer post for you today! Meet Celeste Collete. She is a felt artist and the brains behind BabyBandsBeyound on etsy! She loves creating with felt and before the eBosser, there was hand cutting! She is in LOVE over the moon for the eBosser, and she wanted to show off a very cute Banner she created just in time for the holidays!
Material needed
White paint
Blue paint
Disappearing ink pen
Spellbinders Blossom Tags and Accents
Sizzix Circles die
Sizzix snowflake die
Red embroidery floss
50 inches of Red Ribbon
Triangle template
Hot Glue gun
I’ve been dying to make a cute little Christmas garland that I can put up in my house. So I searched the net for inspiration and finally just chose to come up with one on my own.
This is my first tutorial and I hope you can all follow it, if you have any questions be sure to leave a comment.
Cut out a Triangle template the size that you would like it to be. With a black sharpie trace the triangle on the burlap. Make sure you do it on the flat side of the burlap fabric.

Then with a sponge paint brush get white paint on the burlap, I just dabbed it on until I liked the look of it. Let it dry for about 20 min until paint is dry.
While the paint is drying you can go ahead and trace letters on to the felt.

I used Disappearing ink pen, it works so nice since the ink will just disappear on its own or you can rub it with a wet towel.
Once you get them traced you stitch around the edges with Red (or whatever color you would like) embroidery floss. Once you are done with the stitching you can take your scissors and cute around the edges, make sure you leave a little space between the edge and stitches.

After you do all the letters, the paint on the burlap will most likely be dry so you can go ahead and hot glue them on to the burlap.
Now let’s get started on the snowflakes… this is where it gets fun!
I used the following dies for the snowflakes
* spellbinders Blossom Tags and Accents
*sizzix circles
*sizzix snowflakes

Cut some felt squares that are big enough to cover the die that you will be using. So on the sizzix circles big die I cut a red felt square that covered the large circle on the die and laid it on top.
I used Platform A and Platform C on the ebosser.
Lay Platform C on bottom and then put the sizzix die on top of it and then the felt on the die and then put platform A on top of the felt. The picture shows you how I did it. Then you slide them through the ebosser and ta-da the circles are cut!! Can I just tell you how much I love the ebosser! It makes things a lot more simple!!
Once you get the circles and snowflakes cut out we move on to the smaller round snowflake. I used spellbinders Blossom Tags and Accents, I always had problems using this with my sizzix big shot and I was worried that the ebosser would have similar problems but to my surprise it was so easy to use and the ebosser had no issues with cutting it. Plus I really like that fact that it has a magnet sheet that holds the dies in place.. LOVE IT!
Anyways, the picture will show you how to lay the thin metal dies.
Layers from bottom to top:
Platform D
Platform C
Platform B
Magnetic shim
Cutting die
Platform A

Run it through the ebosser and now you have cute little snowflakes perfectly cut out!!
After that you are ready to assemble the snowflakes on the red circle. All I did was put little embellishing brad on the two snowflakes and then some hot glue on the back of the white snowflake and then you put on the red circle and you are done!
So now all you have to do is put the garland together.
I used some red ribbon I had laying around. The following pictures will tell you how I did the rest.
I centered my “JOY” letters on the ribbon and left 3 inches in between each one for the snowflakes. I pinned the letters to the ribbon and then used the red embroidery floss to stich the burlap to the ribbon, you can also use your sewing machine. After they were all stitched I hot glued the snowflakes on the ribbon and then you are DONE!!
Thank you for visiting!
Thank you Celest! Isn't her project simply adorable? And why buy a banner when you can make it?
See more of Celest's amazing felt creations on her blog here:
You will leave impressed!


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