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October 9, 2012

Design Team: Kim Gaughan Week 14 Term 4

Skull Bracelet

Our October sponsor, Cooler Concepts it's truly cooler! Check out what Kim Gaughan created with their shrink film!

Hey Everyone!
As much as I'm lovin' using embossing folders in the eBosser, I'm really lovin' using all those cutting dies I have lying around! I have to admit, they were just sitting around waiting to be used for a long while.
After I got my eCraft a whole new SVG world opened up to me and I basically just ditched my cutting dies. But not anymore! I've picked them back up (and bought a few new ones ;-) lol) and got them ready to use in my eBosser!
Good thing the eBosser lets me use the cutting dies I already own, because the die I used in this project is one of my favorites! This skull and crossbones bracelet was made using the Beware Cuttlebug Cut & Emboss Die by ProvoCraft and shrink film from this month's sponsor, Cooler Concepts. 
Now let's get to craftin' some Halloween jewelry!
(Or if you love skulls like I do, let's get to craftin' a cool bracelet you might wear year round...)
eBosser by Craftwell
Beware Cuttlebug Cut & Emboss Die by ProvoCraft
Shrink Film (Cooler Concepts)
1/4" circle hand (hole) punch (Mine are by Fiskars)
13 8mm jump rings
6 6mm jump rings
1 lobster claw clasp
Flat-nose pliers
Needle-nose pliers
Embossing Heat Gun
(Note: This bracelet is about 8 inches long)
First with my scissors, I trimmed down shrink film to the size of my die.
Then I powered on my eBosser and stacked the platforms - A platform on top, then shrink film, then Cuttlebug die (with foam facing up), then the C platform, and the D platform on the bottom. There is a video on the Craftwell blog if you need help with the stack for this die (click here). Then I ran it through my eBosser. I repeated these steps 5 more times. You will need 6 skull and crossbones total for this bracelet. (Depending on the size of your wrist, you may need use more or less skulls or even use different size jump rings.)

Next, using my 1/4" hole punch, I punched holes in the 4 crossbones making sure to not get too close to the edge because I didn't want the hole to rip through.

Next, using an embossing heat gun, I carefully shrank the skull and crossbone shrink film in a well ventilated area. It curled up and twisted together, but then straightened itself out. I did this for all 6 skull and crossbones, being careful to not burn myself and to take breaks in between skulls as my heat gun would get really hot, so I would definitely recommend letting it cool down in between.
Using my pliers, I opened an 8mm jump ring by twisting it (you don't want to pull it apart) and attached 2 of the crossbones at the top holes. Then closed the jump ring by twisting it back until it was closed. I also did the same for the bottom holes. 2 skull and crossbones are now attached together. (See below pictures)
Then I attached all 6 skull and crossbones together.
At the one end I attached a 6mm jump ring to the top and bottom crossbones. Then I attached those 2 jumprings together with an 8mm jump ring and then attached a 6mm jump ring. Then I attached another 8mm jump ring. (See picture below).
For the other end, I attached 2 6mm jump rings to the top and bottom crossbones and attached those 2 together with an 8mm jumpring. Then I attached a 6mm jumpring to a lobster claw clasp and attached it to the 8mm jump ring. (See below picture.)
And there you have it! A Skull-rific bracelet ready to wear for Halloween (or any day really!).
I hope you enjoyed this bracelet tutorial! I'm so excited about making jewelry with my eBosser and I hope you are too! If you have any questions please ask below!

Have a Happy Tuesday!
- Kim
See more of Kim's projects on her blog!

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  1. Super Cute, Kim! I can see this also put together with hemp twine, for teens! Nice Job!


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