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October 11, 2011

Design Team: Debi Tullier Week 4

Debi Tullier's: Fall is Here!

Square 1 is Awesome! Check out what Debi did with this amazing product, for some cool fall decals! Don't forget to visit her blog for this and more how-to's here:

Debi, take it away!

I love Square 1 Fabric. I knew there was something in a name! Fabric is one of my favorite things and Square 1 is in my heart! It allows me to do things with fabric I never dreamed possible. This week I challenged myself to leave my safe sewing room and go out to my vehicle. I tried the flap method that  Denise from Purple Paper Paradise put together, in a video tutorial. You can see it here and it works!!! I can't wait to drive around and let my friends see my exclamation!!!

This was so much fun. I went outdoors and found some leaves, we don't have many fall colored ones yet but I found a few. A quick scan into my photo editing program.

Once brought in  to my photo program I traced the image to make a SVG file.It was so easy to import into my SCAL software. I was able to cut a flap  very quickly! The flap is used to locate the cutting area for your  graphics.

If you are looking for an image editor there is always The Gimp. It is a free open source photo editing type program .

I also cut out my leaves from my photo program. I used the generic photo paper matte setting. I love the way the Square 1 material takes to printing! I tested its fastness and seems not to run color!

I was able then to mark where my photos were to be placed to be cut out. I taped them into place. I recommend that you make your template based on a shadow of the image to give you more edge.

I can't wait to practice this method more. I have many mirrors, and windows that would love to be decorated! It didn't take long to make my leaf cuts!

Next came my lettering, I used (Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X, using the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format.) and made a "Bumpy Textured" orange rectangle and proceeded to cut out my lettering. I used TTF named JanieHMKBold. It is such a fun looking font! Remember too the nice thing is I can move this around and add or subtract to it! I love">Square 1, I also love my

Wait till you see what is in-store for you next week!! I have my own video too! I can't wait to meet you! See you then!

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