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September 15, 2021

Airbrushed Heart Cake

 Hello everyone,

This time I'm with a heart cake project designed using Craftwell eBrush kit.

I baked a red velvet cake in round pan and frosted with cream cheese frosting. Then I carved the cake to heart shape and frosted again with cream cheese. Beauty of red velvet cake lies in the drizzle of red crumbs on top of the cake. Hence I dried few cake scraps in microwave and pulsed it in the mixer to get fine crumbs.

I gently added the fine crumbs on top and sides of cake. But I felt the red color was not bright enough. Here the magic comes. Quickly grabbed the Craftwell eBrush and Siphon kit and added red airbrush color into it. I carefully airbrushed on the crumbs managing the crumbs not to fly due to pressure from airbrush. Here I got the bright red color heart ❤️ finally.

Then used some gold colored fondant to make a chain and lock🔒. Attaching the picture for reference.

Thank you!

With love,

Lavanya Ravindran


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  2. This is so elegant and creative. You have done an amazing job!

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  5. That's a beautiful and tasty cake. Please share the whole recipe so I can publish it on my assignment writing service blog.

  6. Well done! I can’t express how much I appreciate your efforts. It’s great to have someone as special as you to work with!


  7. Give the world the best you have, and the best will come to you! I want you to know that I really appreciate your efforts.



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