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March 4, 2020

Make Your Own Luck

Hi Everyone!!

Katie here and it's been a while since my last post.
For St. Patrick's Day slowly approaching, I wanted to try something
different and I hope you all like it :)

So who doesn't want a bit of luck or look like you're having some?
Well I've made my own four leaf clove and you can too with the materials I used. ☘

Below is the items I used and some of it are some leftovers from other projects.

Left to right: Ashland clay pot 4",  Flora Craft's foam half ball, floral tape, green wire, two green shades of Sharpie markers, light green crepe paper from Lia Griffith, Ashland moss variety and Craftwell's eBrush airbrush system

1. I started off by cutting out 4 pieces of 1.75" x 0.75" from the crepe paper and 
shape them as hearts.  With the cut-outs, gently stretch the crepe paper and should look like a full shape heart. Then airbrush them a little with the light green shade.


2. The fun part is attaching the leaf together, but it can get a bit difficult if you have 
never made paper flowers. You want to do is it take the ends of the leaves and twist them together. 

3. Then fold the wire on the end where you made the twist, continue twisting and trim as desired. Wrap floral tape around exposed wire.

4. I noticed the half foam ball kind of stuck out a little, so I shaved off some of it at the flat side then placed it into the clay pot. Now you can place your finished four leaf cover into the foam ball.

5. So I didn't use all the different moss the bag came with, but just used some of it and I think it looked pretty good for someone who has never used it haha.

6. I decided to airbrush my four leaf clover one more time with a dark shade of green in the center and a little on the edges.

Here's I have my very own four leaf clover and placed it by my window.  
The best part about this project is you can make adjustments, add extras or even little flowers.

Hope you all enjoyed my post and got inspired 😀

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