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April 18, 2017

Pretty Pineapples by Heather Wilson

My friend and I have been working on ideas to decorate her new apartment, and her primary decorative color is yellow. She wanted something pineapple related for her kitchen, so I put this project together for her using my Cut 'n' Boss and eBrush!

Decorative cardstock
Cut 'n' Boss
Embossing Folders (I used Checkered Argyle)
Pencil and Paper
Double sided sticky tape
eBrush and Sharpies

First, choose some colored paper for the pineapple, leaves, and background. I chose a stack of some decorative paper that had watercolor-like effects on it.

Now you're ready to cut out your pineapple shapes. You can either print the picture I drew of one on the left to use as a template, or cut one free handed. To make your own, cut out a square, then round off the corners.
Now place your pineapples inside your embossing folder (this is Checkered Argyle) and place into the Cut 'n' Boss.


This is what your pineapples will look like using Checkered Argyle. Use your double stick tape to attach to your background paper.
Tip: Love Triangles also make great textures if you want smaller pineapples!
 Now take your green cardstock and start cutting long, thin triangles for the leaves. Make different sizes, and have a variation of light and dark greens so the leaves don't blend into each other. For the medium and small leaves, round off the bottom corners (those ends will be showing on the pineapple)
Now for the leaves to look 3-Dimensional, take the edge of your scissors (NOT the sharp edge) and quickly run it down the length of the cut out leaves. (If you have ever curled ribbons or feathers with scissors, do the exact same thing to the paper.) Do this to sections of the top and bottom part of the paper.
  If your paper is white underneath, you'll want to avoid the leaves curving too far outwards. I did mine in an S curve, so leaves still popped out towards the viewer. Attach your leaves with double stick tape, starting with the longest and having the shortest leaves in the front.

 Next, draw some flower leaves (or print mine to use as a template) on plain white paper. Then cut out each individual petal separately.
 Now take your eBrush and colored Sharpies of your choosing, and begin coloring in your petals. For mine, I started with yellow on the tips, then light pink in the middle, and a brighter pink in the center. I carefully made some darker spots by placing my bright pink Sharpie a little too far down the eBrush (make sure to practice this on a separate sheet of paper to get this just right.)
 Now curve your petals like you did for your leaves, and stick them down.
 I also made leaves and centers for the flowers. I slightly bent the middle of the leaves and tucked them under the petals with tape. Then I tucked in my second pineapple behind them.

After completing the second pineapple, draw in some vines with a light green Sharpie. Experiment and get your shapes right with a pencil before drawing over with a Sharpie, if you like. Draw very carefully when going over the textured parts of the pineapple, and use a light touch.

 The finished piece! Use a matte when framing it, so the leaves overlap with it instead of the frame itself.

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