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April 25, 2017

Dainty Nest Eggs by Heather Wilson

Springtime is finally here guys! And that means it's time to decorate with flowers and bright colors of nature! Here is a little something I made to bring the beauty of spring inside my own apartment...

Hot glue
Aluminum foil
Floral tape
Artificial Flowers
Found items (moss, grass, sticks, feathers, wool, etc.)

Golden paint
Clear Acrylic varnish
Ebrush siphon adaptors
Polymer Clay 
Part One: Nest

 Start out the nest by shaping a strip of aluminum foil by fitting it into a little bowl. Remove carefully and tidy up the nest rim by folding down the edges of foil. Have your hot glue out to fasten down the ends of foil that want to stick out.

 Next, it's time to cover up the foil with your nesting materials. I just used whatever I happened to have on hand; wool, dried moss, and feathers. I used the softer materials for the inside of the nest (fine moss and feathers), like a real bird would do. Use hot glue to attach these to the nest.
 The fun part is finding things to decorate your nest with to make it look extra pretty! I made vines by twisting floral tape into long ropes, then curling them around my pinkie to make curls. Yellow flowers really made the nest stand out. I embellished it with leaves and a few beads too.

Part Two: Eggs
Start by rolling plain white polymer clay into egg shapes in your hand, then follow the baking instructions on the package. Give them plenty of time to cool off before painting them.

Next, it's time to get your Ebrush and siphon kit out! Thin your gold paint a little with water before starting. Remember to clean your siphon well after using it.
After the paint has dried, put a couple coats of clear acrylic varnish over your painted eggs.

Now all you have to do is find a place to tuck in that cute little nest!

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