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March 1, 2017

Sweet Succulents

Lia Griffin has a fabulous set of patterns for some succulents.  I used the pattern from her site to create this mini. 
2017-02-21 20.30.27 copy
You'll need:
paper (8.5 x 11 sheet)
eBrush, adapter
glue dots
mini clay pot
Spanish Moss
hot glue gun

Cut the petals.*  Using the eBrush and markers color the paper.  I started with a light gray paper with green undertones from my stash.  Color as desired, layering colors from light to dark.
2017-02-18 14.06.02 copy

2017-02-18 15.42.30 copy

2017-02-18 14.29.51 copy

Assemble as directed in the tutorial.  I wanted my succulent to be small and more compact - so I left 2 clusters out. 

2017-02-18 15.41.57 copy

Wrap the twine around the clay pot - just under the rim.  Secure with a dab of glue if needed.  Fill with Spanish Moss and with a bit of hot glue, secure the succulent in place. 
2017-02-21 20.30.41 copy
Hoping your crafting time is coming up shortly!  Have some fun with some creative paper play, the eBrush and markers.

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