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March 13, 2017

Monday is Home Kool Kitty Day!!

Join our fun times!

We are having fun making little baskets for our Easter celebration! We love playing with our Cut N Boss! Even Mattie can work it! Of course Mommy is always with us. Here is our supply list! Please watch our video!

Sizzix basket cutting dye
eyelet fasteners and tool
Cut n Boss machine

Cut your basket out using the paper and basket cutting dye.  
Glue the inside of the basket together.  Use the eyelet fasteners and tool to fasten the basket's top and handle together.

***If you want the handle to move, do not fasten the eyelets too tight.  Just enough to hold them in place.

Next week...stay tune.  We will be making eggs out of egg cartons for our baskets.

~~Home Kool Kitty~~

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