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March 15, 2017

Dirty Pour and my eBrush Instant Art

Hello! Peggy here today I am excited today to show you how I made this canvas! 
Supplies used today are:

Silicone oil
Golden GAC 800 (to reduce crazing)
Kroma Acrylic Fluid Medium
Ranger Alcohol Ink (Metallic Gold)
Liquitex Ink (Cerulean Blue)
12x16 Cotton Canvas Opus Exhibition
Recycled Newspaper to catch extra paint
cups for mixing and for legs for drying

Today was the day I had to try this technique.
I created a "Dirty Pour" Mix into a cup created of Acrylic Medium, Acrylic Paint, Silicone Oil, GAC 800 to prevent crazing and Ink. Each color was created separately in a cup with oil and medium before combining into one cup. I  slowly added each color into one cup with the majority of white on the bottom. White, Blue, Turquoise and Black with Gold alcohol ink touch.
I used Turquoise Spray from the DecoArt Media line to create these lovely branched crystals.
I do not imagine any one piece the same. 
After pouring the cocktail of mixture I tipped the canvas until the edges were covered. 
I quickly fired up a  hand torch and heated the canvas to create separations in paint called cells. 

Then I took my eBrush and just with air starting from about 12inches  above increasing closeness until I slowly moved paint to create whispy effects such as exposing the heavier paint underneath. This technique was ever so changing and fun to watch. 

 As the paint was drying I noticed very distinct valleys of texture separation.  I would think the ink mixed with medium would be thinner (viscosity)  and separated or my sea level altitude had an effect on drying time

I let this all dry overnight on the kitchen counter. Ahhh Art you make me happy ...
I love it! I will be coating this to protect it. 

Check out Craftwell USA's page for your eBrush to make your instant art! 

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