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November 17, 2016

DIY (Seasonal) Magnetic Memo Board

Sometimes you just need a reminder about certain conference calls or what to pick up from the store after work.  This magnetic memo board  is the PERFECT for all those little notes you need to keep.

Plus, the cute autumn theme can be changed up with different colored leaves; green leaves for spring or summer would be fantastic!  The leaves in multiple colors were painted with the siphon adapter & fabric paint.


Dixie Belle Paints - Barn Red, Rebel Yellow, Midnight Blue, Chocolate, Drop Cloth
Picture frame
Paper clips
Craft blade or Exacto
Scrap of faux leather (tan)
Magnetic sheets
Chip brush
Leaf-shaped cutting dies - ProvoCraft Cuttlebug Leaves Dies
Super glue
Hard surface or window cleaner

1. Take (1) magnetic sheet and cut it to the size of the picture frame.

2. Emboss the magnetic sheet with Teresa Collins Woodgrain Cottage in the Cut'n'Boss using the following combination (bottom to top): D, A, Folder + Material, A.  MAKE SURE the magnetic side is FACE DOWN in the folder so that the pattern is DEBOSSED.

3a.  Use leaf-shaped cutting dies to cut out pieces of faux tan leather & magnetic sheet.  When cutting with the faux leather, place the leather side FACE DOWN on the cutting die.  When cutting with the magnetic sheet, place the magnetic/gloss side FACE UP.

3b.  ProvoCraft Cuttlebug dies with a 1/8" profile are quite thick for small metal dies.  The platform combination for these dies is as follows (bottom to top): D, Magnetic Shim, A, Dies, Material, A.


4.  Use an Exacto blade to cut small slits into the magnetic cut-outs.  Make sure that the small inner piece of the paper clip is on the matte/non-magnetic side of the leaf & that the small inner piece of the paper clip does not stick out of the bottom of the leaf.

5.  Use super glue on the magnetic side of the leaves & glue ONLY the large, back portion of the paper clip to the magnetic leaf.  Let dry.

6a.  Mix some Dixie Belle chalkpaints, Chocolate & Midnight Sky, to get the right shade of brown.  Mix 3 parts chalkpaint to 1 part hard surface cleaner or Flow-Aid.  I used the eBrush siphon cup, though you can also use the bottle.  Spray to cover the entire embossed magnetic sheet.

6b.  Once the embossed magnetic sheet was sprayed, use the residual paint to airbrush the sides of the picture frame.  The sides will not be covered by the magnetic sheet, so they were airbrushed.

7.  Use the chip brush to add some texture & bring out the highlights in the embossed magnetic sheet.  I mixed equal parts of Dixie Belle Chocolate, Barn Red, Rebel Yellow & Drop Cloth.

8.  Super glue the top half of the faux leather leaf to the non-magnetic, matte side of the leaf.  It is important to only glue HALF of the leaf to the side of the small inner paper clip.  Super glue the painted, embossed magnetic board to the picture frame.  Let dry.

9.  TADAAAA!  Now you have a mini magnetic memo board!
BONUS: Use fabric paint in the eBrush siphon to add colors to your leaf memo clips!

Hope you enjoyed this little office accessory!  Look forward to seeing what you make for your office!



  1. Hi. I've got a Craftwell Ebosser and I just bought a Tim Holtz BigZ XL WordPlay die. Can I use my 2 A plates to cut with it? If I can, in what order? Does it make a difference what thickness of card/board I want to cut with this die?

    1. Hello! Yes, you can use that die with the eBosser but you will need an A platform & a C or D platform. The combination would be the A on top, the material, cutting die & then the base platform. And because the die is a steel rule die, it should make no difference as to what material is being cut. Just be aware that the thicker the material, the more pressure will be added to the combination.

      Hope this helped!


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