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October 7, 2016

Mummy's the word.... Jan Hunter!!!

Isn't he cute?  We used a shelf from a broken bookcase unit as the base for this recycling project and with the help of the eBrush, some markers, painter's tape and a "stencil" made with some mesh and cardboard, and a scrap of vinyl, this Halloween decor project can be completed in a couple of hours!
Let's get started:

Prep the board - TIP:  I'd suggest a thorough cleaning and a light sanding to take off the finish of the shelf.  If you use sharpies, the alcohol paint has a tendency to be a little sticky for a while, especially if you're having to spray several layers of color.  So be sure to let it dry.

Mask the board with painters' tape in the desired patterns.  We just winged it - leaving a space for odd sized eyes - I cut a couple of vinyl circles using some circle dies in the Cut- n- Boss.  Burnish the vinyl on the board just enough to make sure that the ink doesn't bleed into the white space around the eyes.

Now the fun begins... using the eBrush and some Sharpies, begin to fill in the spaces.  I used black for the larger "face" portion and gray for the space between the "wraps."  Let dry for a little bit, then remove one "wrap" at a time.  Using the stencil, lightly spray with a brown marker.  My color was pretty light when it first went on.  You don't need to fill in every space... leaving some openness adds to the charm, IMO.

Add some details around the eyes if desired, I'm still contemplating adding a little more blue/gray around the edges and possibly a little bling that will show up while this sits with his companions on our porch the next couple of weeks.
Using a light touch, spray with a sealer -- and let dry for several hours.
Thanks for stopping by.  Stay tuned there's lots of fun stuff ahead!  You can see more eBrush projects on my blog too.


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this adorable mummy!

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