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October 20, 2016

Design Team Reveal: Up Close With Debi, Judith and Emily


Last week announced a new series for Thursdays featuring projects designed to make your working lives easier!  Let's take a closer look at the women that will be guiding us along the way.

Hi, I am Debi Tullier. I am so happy to meet you. My love of art, sewing and crafting were grown at the hands of my grandmother. She was a stickler for passing on the skills that would make me a free spirit which is how she saw herself. I don't know if I have made that free spirit title but I sure try!

I am grandmother to two wonderful children. We love to craft, paint, and sew together. I now really understand why my grandmother loved teaching me. Fine arts and graphic arts were my formal focus. I was fortunate to actually illustrate a book, it isn't that fancy just some flat airbrushing. It is a flag book. I love airbrushing. I also had a wonderful opportunity to create a door sized Wurlitzer jukebox. I worked in acrylic plastic, paint and actually made side lights on the door look just like the lights on the jukebox. I used my mechanical skills to create turning acrylic cylinders to create light effects. This was back in the early nineties so many of the lights we take for granted now were not available then. I had to use a metal lathe to machine parts. Thank goodness I had a great teacher. The excitement was overwhelming when I saw my door in a German trade magazine! 

I now have a different life and create most of my works on a smaller scale. I love all art forms. I sew, sculpt and paint in addition to my love of crafting. I have been a designteam member for a few companies and also a designteam coordinator. I find that I have stepped outside of my comfort zone and really loved the challenge! Lastly, I want you to know that I plan to never grow up and will be learning I hope for the rest of my days! I am not an expert of anything but a student of all!

My name is Judith, a graphic designer for Craftwell. Illustration and design in general are my passion and Internet is my favorite source of inspiration, so I guess you can say I am an aspiring memeticist..!

I look forward to seeing the design team's amazing work as well as working with them on some fun & crafty projects! 

Super excited to see what you ladies can do!

Hey everyone! I am Emily, a recently married nerd obsessed with all things artsy.  Very much a 'Renaissance (Wo)man', I have a lot of passions and pursuits mixed into the crazy world I call my 'life'!  

Much of my day is focused on running my music studio (I teach violin, viola, voice, and piano).  I also sprinkle freelance photography into the mix, as well as produce/direct/perform for various film/tv/videography jobs.  You may have seen me on Create and Craft TV if you are a fan of the station. Throw in some graphic design, performance in musicals, and writing of my novel, and that about sums me up!  Oh yeah, and way too much time spent on playing Star Wars The Old Republic (If I am fortunate enough to find time!).

I graduated from Long Island University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and now have settled into life with my amazing new hubby (we were friends for 17 years before tying the knot!). We have two fur-babies (a female mutt and a male German Shepherd), one that is 1 year old and the other that is 7 months. Add a 7 year old child to the mix, and it is safe to say we have a full house of love and chaos!

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