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October 5, 2016

Which witch is scarier?: The Cute v. Creepy debate!

Which witch is scarier?:  The Cute v. Creepy debate!

Maybe this debate is silly, but it will definitely get you thinking about future Halloween themes!

So what exactly are we debating about?

If you haven't seen it around online, there have been an ongoing trend in the past few years with pastel goth fashion and it's impact on our general perception of the spooky, scary things.  Pastel goth is a reinterpretation of what stereotypical goth fashion & culture is like.  Think a candy-coated version of the Addams family.  While it might not be within the true subculture of goth, pastel goth has undoubtedly grown into its own subculture status thanks to the Internet & social media.

But not to worry; creepily styled Halloween themes are not out of the running, as recent news of creepy clown sightings across the country prove (look up at your own risk!).  So this begs the question, "is Halloween a time to make brightly colored skeletons & Victorian decor, or a time to use the tried & true method of misplaced eyeballs and spider swarms?"

We want to hear from you!

CUTE HALLOWEEN:  Welcome To The World Of Pastel Goth

While pastel goth is more of an Internet-perpetuated fashion style,
it certainly marries the idea of soft colors and normally
spooky imagery very well!  The style is nothing short of visually fascinating,
as the juxtaposition of baby pinks & blues depict a laughing skull
or ghoulish child.  But you can admit, this is a fun way to liven up
a very red, orange & black holiday!

Credits to Happy Mundane x Whorange for creating a Creepy Cute Halloween!

CREEPY HALLOWEEN:  Nothing Wrong With A Classic

Sure new twists are nice, but we would never forget the tried & true way
of making Halloween...well, Halloween!  There is nothing wrong or boring
with creating an eerie, dreary atmosphere because there are so many
possibilities to make them that way.  If there are a countless number of
fears or phobias, there will always be a new way to create creepy.

Credits to Johnny Love of Love Manor via Home Depot for a spooky interior!

So, have we convinced you into trying for one of these fun concepts this year?

Vote below!

Which type of Halloween will you look forward to?

Cute is my new fave!
Creepy always has my vote!
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  1. The pastel stuff is so cute. May have to add it to my decor.


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