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August 24, 2016

Summer Sunshine by Jan Hunter

We're celebrating national Upcycling month and the Craftwell Design Teams are having some fun.  I hope you'll enjoy this fun prim project.

For this project I chose to recycle some material and a plastic juice bottle.  The eBrush, Tulip Fabric dye, white glue and hot glue were used on the flowers, leaves and a bit of tea for a little more vintage look.

Cut the circles in the sizes desired.  I chose to add a little design to the flower centers using the glue.  Be sure to let it dry before you use the eBrush with the siphon adapter to add color. Once you've finished spraying, let dry. Heat set the dye. If desired you can wash out the glue, I liked the way it looked, so left it on.

Stitch the flower centers to the circles. Cut the larger circles to make flower petals. Do not cut the past the stitching.  Brew some tea (4 bags to 1 1/2 cup of boiling water).  Let cool.  If desired, add some ground cinnamon to the tea.  Dip the flower into the tea.  Squeeze out the excess tea and place on a parchment colvered cookie sheet. Repeat for each of the flowers.  Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees F. Place the cookie sheet in the oven for about 20 minutes. You will want to watch to make sure you don't over cook the flowers.

TIP:  HEAT SET the DYE!  I didn't heat set the first batch of flowers so the dye faded a lot.  I re-colored the petals and center for a bit more color.  The flowers looked a lot happier!  :)

For the leaves, cut double the number of shapes and spray or dip with dye.  Let dry.  Iron if needed. Using the glue gun, on one side of the leaf draw in some veins... put a leaf shape on the top, matching the edges as best as you can. You may want to tap lightly to make sure that both pieces of fabric are "stuck." Flip over. You should be able to see your vein pattern. Repeat as needed. When all your leaves are finished, grag a sharpie and the eBrush and spray around the edges for a little more color and depth.  Using the glue gun, glue the leaves to the back of the flower head OR glue to a "stem" you've added to the flower.  (Kabob stick are my stems for this project.)  Sorry, no pics....

I chose to recycle a fruit juice bottle for my vase. Just cut with an exacto knife at the height you want. I chose a copper paint so I gave the vase a quick spray.  Spray a second coat following manufacturer's directions if desired. It was a bit humid here the day I sprayed so it took longer on the drying time.  Hot glue a piece of reclaimed styro and add your flowers

I liked the 'copper' look of the vase, but wanted a little more "punch"  So Ranger's Vintaj Patinas were perfect!  You use the siphon OR a brush to apply.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Hope you're enjoying all of this month's projects.  Be sure to check back the rest of the week for more of the #eBrushteam's projects right here!

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