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July 5, 2016

Tips & Tricks Tuesday!

Tips & Tricks Tuesday:
Temporary Tattoos with the eBrush

Today is Tips and Tricks Tuesday, and I am excited to bring you a fun tip for using your eBrush.  Did you know you can use temporary tattoo markers with the eBrush!? Yes, it is true! This is what you will need:

1) eBrush Automatic Airbrush
2) Tulip Body Art Markers
3) Clearsnap Teresa Collins Downtown Stamp
4) Bare Wrist

The steps are very simple! Slide a tattoo marker of your choice into the eBrush adapter. You may use foam or paper to wedge the marker into place within the adapter, ensuring the felt tip is lined up with the metal nozzle of the eBrush. This is important! The airflow releasing from the metal nozzle of the eBrush MUST hit the felt tip of the marker in order to spray the ink.

Spray the Teresa Collins Downtown stamp (or any stamp of choice) with a solid coating of the temporary tattoo marker ink. 

Press the stamp on the underside of your wrist and voila!

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