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May 18, 2016

Paper Quilting

Hi, Jan here.  This month's creative fun with SaborPapel and Craftwell is still underway!  Still using the Ole collection from Sabor, and a desire to do a little "quilting," here's the project I decided  to create.

When I first paraded the blocks by my artist Mom, she was a little concerned about it being too busy.  However, after adding the eBrushed "binding," she gave it a 2 thumbs up!

I used a pattern called, New York Quilt Block for the basic square design. There are several variations, but this worked well for me.  The pattern is easy to translate into a cut file for electronic cutters and made easy work of cutting the sheets of paper into the components of the blocks.

Once all the pieces are cut, begin laying out your blocks.  No need for glue at this point, you can switch out pieces and colors for a pleasing palette in each of the blocks.

Now, a re-positionable glue stick is perfect for this project.

My base squares are slightly larger to allow for some trimming once all the pieces are in place.

Now, put the squares into a pleasing pattern. This is not my final pattern as I did make a couple more adjustments.  But once you've settled on your final placement, get your sewing machine out, and using a zigzag stitch (not a satin stitch) and secure the paper to the base.

Stitch each square, trim threads and edges to finished size.  My squares were 6 1/4 inches finished.  Then stitch in rows.  I made 9 squares for a 3 x 3 quilt.

I chose not to eBrush any of my squares nor any of the pieces in the squares.  But the "binding" was another story!  Grab a stencil, the eBrush and some markers in complimentary  colors.  The Bic-Mark it's worked well with the colors in the "quilt."

Using a piece of foam core or poster board as your backing/binding, cut  it 2 inches larger than your quilt.  You will have a 1 inch border all around your quilt when finished.

I started spraying with the lightest color and added additional colors and layers using the same stencil around the edge.  Lightly spray the darkest color as desired around the edge of the board.  It will fill in most o the white of the board.  Be careful not to muddy the colors too much.  Don't worry if you over spray a bit into the middle of the board.  It won't show when the quilt has been mounted.

Carefully, adhere the quilt to the binding and display as desired!  There are some papers in the Amor collection I've got my eyes on.... and you now know that quilting isn't just for fabric!

Thanks for stopping by!  Be sure to create some time in your busy schedules to have a little fun!  And don't forget if you choose to join in creating some projects with the Sabor Collections, use #saborxcraftwell on your social media shares!  We'd love to see the creatiity!

And don't forget to visit the  Craftwell Blog to see all the other design team projects!

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