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March 7, 2016

Spring Flowers

                 Cut 'n' Boss Design Team: Mitsyana Wright Cycle 12

Hello, Crafty Friends!!
It is SPRING here is Texas! There is no more old weather and the sun is shining!! With all the flowers in bloom it has put me in a very cheerful mood. I just love flowers! Love picking them, love receiving them (especially form my children)... I just love looking at them!! And, I also love wearing them!! So today I have a spring broach project I'd love to share...

Supplies Used
Teresa Collins Pocket Dies
Fabric Glue
Embossing Floss

I started by using my Cut'n'boss machine and Flower dies From the Teresa Collins "Girl's Best Friend" pocket dies set... I used this set to cut out one each of the small, medium, and large flowers from white felt.

Here's a trick to getting your felt to cut crisp... Next time you cut your felt , try cutting it with a sheet of cardstock underneath it... run them both together. You'll be amazed on how much cleaner a cut you'll get. 

For this part I cut a sheet of plain white cardstock in half and layer a half a sheet of white felt over it. Then I ran it through my Cut'n'boss.

And this trick doesn't just work for felt...

It also works on tulle too!!

First, took the other half of the white cardstock sheet and wrapped tulle around it about 10 times. Then, I took the cardstock out from inside the tulle and placed it underneath the stack of tulle. Then topped with the same flower dies from above, and ran it through my Cut'n'boss machine.

You can really see how clean this method cuts in the pictures below. Now, I sandwiched one white flower with it's coordinating stack of tulle flowers. And took a needle and matching embroidery floss and stitched them together. 

Without cutting the floss I attached the next set of flowers. and also attached a coordinating button. 

Because the dies compressed the stack of flowers so tightly together, I needed to unravel and fluff the flowers by separating and "scrunching" each flower layer. 

Now I have a nice and full bloom!

For the leaves I used this the large leaf die from the Teresa Collins "Thankful" pocket die set.

Again. I backed my felt with a sheet of plain cardstock and ran it through my Cut'n'boss machine. Then I used the die itself to make a felt backer for my leaf. Then I glued the two leaves together using fabric glue.

With more fabric glue (you can also use hot glue for this step), I attached the leaves to the backside of my flower. I cut out an extra medium sized felt flower from the same color felt as the leaves baker. I used my embossing floss to dew on pin backers to the flower and then attached the flower with more fabric glue. I attached 2 pins for more stability but you don't have to.

And here is my finished pin...

Here is the pin so you can see the size. It's a pretty good sized brooch without being heavy. And would be perfect to wear for Easter!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!

Until next time...

Happy Crafting!!
~ Mitsy

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