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September 7, 2015

Why you NEED the eBrush in your life!

The EASY eBrush Airbrush System

Welcome to another informational post about Craftwell products! 

Today, we are discussing the eBrush Airbrushing System! 

First, if you've NEVER heard of the eBrush, and you are a DIY enthusiast & a crafter or both, then you MUST keep reading because the eBrush will change your life!

If you are a crafter or in the arts, you know about airbrushing systems. You know that you can buy an airbrush system (it will cost you a pretty penny, but it's worth it) and you can airbrush on canvas, or different surfaces depending on the paint you use. But you also know that although, this is fun, it can also be MESSY. Yeah, airbrusing systems aren't always the most convenient to use. You have to clean them before switching colors, and you have to do a good job at it, or they can get clogged. Plus you need to know how to use one to get the most out of your system. 

Well, what if I told you, we came up with a way to airbrush without the mess, and switching between colors is so easy, that an 8 year can do it in seconds? 

Meet the eBrush by Craftwell. 

An EASY airbrushing system for beginners or pros that turns your markers into paint! 

Crafting should be time you spend creating, not switching between paint colors, and cleaning a device. 

With the eBrush, you can turn sharpies, spectrum noir markers, copic sketch, tombow, and many more marker brands into the perfect paint for your next project! 

How easy is that?!

The eBrush comes with marker adapters that fit each marker to perfection, giving you an light weight, ergonomic handle to use for creating gorgeous projects. Switching between colors is a matter of switching the marker adapter. And with 3 airbrushing pressure settings you can control how strong the output of the paint is! So easy! 

Perfect for beginners and amazing for experts! With such an easy tool, techniques are a breeze! 

Use it on paper, clothing, wood, glass surfaces and more!

The eBrush retails for $149.99! 

Get yours!

  • eBrush
  • eBrush Compressor
  • Rubber Air Hose
  • Spectrum Noir Marker Adapter
  • (3) Spectrum Noir Markers
  • Power Adapter
  • User Manual
  • Spectrum Noir (3rd Generation, Hexagon Style)
  • Copic Sketch
  • Prismacolor Premier Chisel/Fine Double Ended Art Markers
  • Sharpie Fine Point
  • Chartpak AD Markers
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pen

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