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August 31, 2015

Why Should I Own the Cut 'n' Boss?

Cut 'n' Boss, The First Fully Automated Embossing & Die Cutting Machine!

You've seen the shows on HSN, you have watched the Create & Craft episodes, and you are intrigued about purchasing a dry embossing & die cutting machine, but lets me honest, there are ALOT of options out there, and they all claim to do the same thing, but the price points say something different. 

 With some many embossing and die cutting tools on the market, you might ask yourself, why should I invest in the Cut 'n' Boss? What's so different about this one? 

What if I told you that this little machine here, is the easiest, strongest, most resilient, embossing & die cutter on the market. We are in the year 2015 and we were shocked to find out that this is the first fully automated no crank embossing and die cutter on the market ever, in the crafts division! Yes, there is no holding down a button while the machine does the work, or any type of cranking at all! I mean, if we can't have hover boards as predicted by Back to the Future, we should at least own a crafting tool that can do a lot, with very little effort!

The Cut 'n' Boss is Backward compatible, meaning you can use most of your embossing and dies you already own! Here is a quick list of some of the products you can use!

  • Compatible with Craftwell eBosser Embossing Folders & Cutting Dies
  • *Sizzix
  • *Spellbinders
  • *CuddleBug
  • *Anna Griffin embossing folders
  • *Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress and dies
  • * Accuquilt Dies
  •  *CheeryLynn Dies
  • & More!

  • What can the Cut 'n' Boss Do?

  • Cuts Multiple Layers of Fabric in one pass, perfect of quilting dies! 
  • Dry emboss, crisp and even thanks to our pressure technology, you will always get the perfect even emboss!
  • Designed With Safety In Mind, machine will not activate unless the right combination is inserted into the machine. Safe for kids to use!
  • SMART Chip Technogy: Automatic Motor & Gear Protection. Machine will autoreverse if the wrong combination is inserted, peace of mind. 
  • Built-in Handle for Portability
  • No cranking, or holding down buttons EVER!
  • All metal on inside gears can keep going, and going! No real way to force machine. 

MSRP *$299.99 varies with different bundles.
The  Cut 'n' Boss is the type of machine you can create a variety of projects! From cutting fabric for a quilt, to DIY party decor! 

Here are just some examples of what we created using dies and embossing folders!

Embossing is as deep and crisp as you can get. Because there is no manual pressure, the machine always gives the most perfect emboss every single time! 

Cutting dies are EASY to use! Create more in less time by using our large format platform system! With a 81/2 by 12 platform we were able to cut several dies in 1 even pass! 

The Cut 'n' Boss is equipped with 2 embossing folders, and all necessary platforms plus 1 set of Craftwell dies to get you started! *Different bundles are available, so contact your retailer for more information!

Loving it?

We do too! 

To find out more about the Cut 'n' Boss be sure to check out our website at 


  1. I've owned the eBosser for almost two years. Is there a difference in these machines I should be aware of?

    1. Hi Charlotte! To answer your question, the eBosser is the first version of the Cut 'n' Boss. The Cut 'n' Boss being the latest version, and slightly faster, but overall functionality is still the same.

      Team Craftwell


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