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July 3, 2015

TUTORIAL: Create an Independence Day Blue Ribbon!

Tutorial:  Independence Day Blue Ribbon

Getting ready for all the pie eating contests & barbecues this 4th of July?  Want to award your favorite rack of ribs or favorite fruit pie with a quintessential blue ribbon?  Maybe you just want to award your little ones for being the best person they can be!  That's why we want to show to how to make your own personal blue ribbon at home, using your own Cut'n'Boss!

Make cute blue ribbons with friends & family, then give them out during the amazing
celebrations & get togethers you'll have this weekend.  Start a new tradition!

Fun & simple to make, you'll want to give out ribbons all the time!

Step 1:

Take a blue 8.5" x 11" cardstock & cut it in half lengthwise to get (2) 8.5" x 5.5" pieces.Place one half into your Teresa Collins Modern Stripe embossing folder but (here is the tricky part!) angle the paper in the same angle as the diagonal stripes.

Emboss the paper with your Cut'n'Boss with the following
platform combination 
(top to bottom):

A + embossing folder + paper + A + D

Step 2:

From your embossed half of cardstock, cut (2) 2" wide strips.  Then make mountain folds & valley folds for each each embossed stripe.  The alternating folds will make a fan or
an accordion fold!

Step 3:

Attach one of the accordion folded cardstock to the other with an adhesive.

Spread out the fan shape of each accordion fold until the other ends meet & are glued or taped together.  This is make a circle!  It may be necessary to hold down the center with a paperweight so that the circle can stay flat.

Step 4:

Now it's time to grab your cutting dies!  We used (1) 2" circle die, (1) 3" scalloped circle die &
dies from the Teresa Collins Memory Collection!  For the paper, we took a piece of gold & red metallic cardstock & a piece of white cardstock.

The cutting die platform combination is as follows (top to bottom):

A + B + A + cardstock (with metallic cardstock, shiny side down!) + dies + D

Step 5:

Grab the adhesive of your choice & start to layer the pieces together!
And use your glue bottle as a small weight to keep the pieces in place
while it dries!

Step 6:

Remember your other piece of blue cardstock that you didn't emboss?
It's time to use it!

Cut (2) 1.25" wide strips & cut out a small triangle at one end of the two strips.

Glue the two strips in a "V" shape & glue them to the back of your ruffled circle!

TADA!  It's done!

You've got to make your own prize-winning craft that others will love to pin to their
first place recipes or just to have on themselves!

If you enjoyed this tutorial, let us know in the comment section below!  Share this tutorial with friends & family!

And we want to know, what will you create this Fourth of July weekend?  Show us by tagging your crafts with "#craftwell" or "@craftwell"!

Happy Independence Day, America!

Team Craftwell

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