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March 25, 2015

Memories of Grandma

Ebrush Design Team: Jan Hunter Week 12 Cycle 1

I remember one of my grandmothers having some beautiful and cherished pieces of china and every Saturday, we could sip hot chocolate at the breakfast table and look out on the orchard or the rose garden through the large window in the kitchen dining area.  I'm very thankful for those sweet memories, and this teacup using a file from SVGCuts honors those memories.

You'll need
Cardstock (glossy or matte)
white or clear vellum
Spectrum Noir markers (CR2, CR4, CR5, CR6, CT1, DG2, LG4, LG5, JG7)
Sharpie, Gold Metallic (optional)
tissue paper
4" stryo ball
glue (quick dry)
die cutting machine and software
Teacup SVG file from

Open the SVG files in your cutting software.  I added a little height and shortened the width slightly to give me a taller cup with just enough finished diameter to hold the 4" styro ball snugly.  I did not cut the saucer for my project, but you certainly can for yours.  Add a page and cut approximately 38 of the small roses bases and leaves out of the vellum.  You don't need any of the other pieces from that flower svg if you use the same file I did. 

Cut on your cutting machine.  Set the panels and the handle pieces aside for the moment and put the cup together as directed in SVGCuts youtube video.  Set aside and let dry. completely. 

Now, the real fun begins....

I chose a small tea rose stencil I had in my stash.  line up 6 of the outer teacup panels and for ease in using the ebrush, you can "string" them on a piece of painter's tape and spray across the edges using the stencil.  

Color as desired using the ebrush.  Repeat for the remaining panels.  Glue the outer panels on the cup as directed in the video here.  Since I used a matte card stock I chose to add a little bit of a sheen to the cup by applying a light coat of Modge Podge to the entire outer surface.  I then used the ebrush to apply a little bit of gold metallic Sharpie around the cup rim (optional) and also sprayed the handle, glued and attached as directed.  I chose not to use the inner panels for this cup since the decorations would be hiding the glued edges on the inside of the cup. 

My styro ball was green... I didn't want that to show, so I applied some Modge Podge to a piece of tissue paper and wrapped around the ball as smoothly as possibly.  You will likely have a few wrinkles, but that's okay too as most of them will be covered up.  When the MP has dried, you can spray with some of the darker green and darker pink markers (just patches, doesn't need to fully colored). 

Using the painters tape, lightly adhere a row of flowers, spray with a light color of ink, and repeat for the remainder of the flower.  Set the ebrush aside.  now with a slightly darker shade of marker, flick from the center towards the outer petals.  Blend with the same color you sprayed the flower with.  In the center of each flower add a yellow stamen and lightly shade with your darkest pink by adding a few dots along the bottom edge of the stamen area.  Since you're using alcohol inks, your flowers will be dried almost immediately on the vellum.If you desire to add some additional dimension to your flowers at this point, you can use a ball stylus and add some additional dimension..  Using some painter's tape again, adhere the leaves and spray.... you can add some additional dimension and depth by lightly spraying the edges or just using the marker and blend into the leaf. 

Put the styro ball in the cup.  secure and begin adding your flowers and leaves.  When you've filled the space as desired.... you're done!

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