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January 28, 2015

I {HEART} You!

Ebrush Design Team: Jan Hunter Week 8 Cycle 1

Jan Hunter's beautiful Heart creation is so moving. I would love to create one for each of my friends and family members. They are the riches of my heart and Jan has got it covered with this beautiful project! 

These ebrushed framed clay hearts are fun to make -- whether you choose to use air-dry or baked clay, they're lightweight and could be a quick gift for someone you love.

You'll need:
clay (for this group of framed hearts, I used a cornstarch/baking soda clay and air-dried)
Craftwell eBrush and associated adapter for your markers
Markers of choice (I used Bic-Mark-Its in light pink, tan and light yellow)
SVG File (this file came from and I just used the basic box from the Heart Box file, pieces 1, 5 and 6)
Sharpie (Ultra fine point)
electronic cutting machine and software
soap molds (heart)
glue gun

Prepare/condition clay.  Press into mold which has been generously brushed with cornstarch as a release. Unmold and let dry.  (be aware that too dry of air in your house, may result in cracking - so make a few extra.) Mine took approximately 36 hours to completely dry.

Cut your frame with your cutting machine.  Emboss the bottom insert (piece 6) if desired. Now the real fun begins.....

Choose the color scheme you would like -- then begin ebrushing .  I completed the coloring of the heart before I started on the frame and sealed the heart with modge podge.  You will likely want to color the lid and the insert.  You can leave the bottom of the box plain, if desired.  To embellish the heart, I used an acrylic stamp with some coordinating ink and gently pressed the stamp on the heart.  I didn't want all of the printing especially dark, so a light touch to pressing the stamp was used.  I also made sure there was an area that was fairly light on each of the hearts and doodled a word on the heart that I felt identified my recipient.

After you've finished ebrushing, put the box bottom and lid together by gluing the corners as instructed. 

Glue the insert into the box bottom on the inside.  Using a glue gun, glue the heart to the center of the bottom of the insert or place as desired.  Place the lid on and you're done. 

If you want to personalize the frame/box even more.  On the back of the box bottom, write your sentiment and sign.  These are fun to make and while the molding and drying process takes a bit of time, these are relatively quick gifts for those special people in your life on Valentine's day.

Hope you liked this project. Please come back often for more ebrushing projects and papercrafting galore.

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