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January 8, 2015

HOW TO: Airbrush jeans using the eBrush by Craftwell!

Team Craftwell

It's 2015 and a perfect time to revamp your wardrobe! We decided to do something fun, for this upcoming CHA Show, and took some of our rarely used jeans and gave them a makeover using the eBrush!

This is an easy makeover that takes no time at all! 

Follow along to see how we did it!

What You Need: 

eBrush by Craftwell
4 Gold Sharpie markers
Elmers Adhesive Spray
Stencil (We used Dear Lizzy Serendipity 12x12 Stencil)
Jeans (We used white jeans, but can be done on a light wash jean as well)

Step 1: It's important to wash your jeans before airbrushing! We wanted to give the jeans a romantic/worn look so, we washed the jeans, dried, and lightly iron them.

The eBrush has 3 settings. For this project we used the lowest setting of 1.

Step 2: Then we took the eBrush, a gold sharpie, the Dear Lizzy Stencil, and laid out our jeans in an area where we could spray. 

 Step 3: Using the Spray Adhesive, we sprayed the back of our stencil and position on top of our jeans and use the eBrush to spray the jeans.  Start spraying on the lowest setting. For a more intense color, go over the area again, or move up one more setting on your eBrush.

*TIP always use some sort of cardboard or paper insert on your jeans to ensure the ink doesn't seep through. 

Step 4: Once you finish, and are satisfied with the look, throw your jeans in the dryer for 30 min to set the color. 


What will you create with your eBrush?


  1. ok where did my comment go to - I purchased the ebrush system before I went on vacation, and tried it out today, and have no clue why it's not working except that I feel I wasted my money on this system. Big WASTE of money.

    1. Carolyn,

      Thanks for your feedback. Have you contacted our support? Maybe there is something going on with your machine, and we would love to help rectify that. Be sure to contact us at

      Team Craftwell


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