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January 18, 2015

CHA-Learning the eBrush! Fun for all! - Debi Tullier

 Bye Bye CHA 2015

Craftwell had a beautiful booth! We had so many beautiful samples and many visitors!  Everyone was so excited to see such wonderful work from Craftwell's eBrush users!

A sneak peek of the newest addition to the eBrush line. The accessory all are waiting for! The eBrush Siphon! It is coming soon!! For those of you that are considering it for decorating food, it is certified food safe!

I just want to share all of the great things that I saw and learned  at CHA! First I have to admit that I didn't get to walk around much! It wasn't that I was kept for going I just wanted to tell all of the buyers interested in getting the eBrush in their shops how to find that "Sweet Spot". I had a wonderful time and met so many people. Inspiration loomed so large at this event! I shared your love of eBrushing with so many! We had people stop by from Panama, Denmark, Germany, Ecuador, and many other international spots. All wanted to try out the eBrush. The eBrush will soon be all over the world!

I was very honored to teach a class for Crafter's Companion using the Craftwell eBrush. I taught about an hour and forty minutes and it was all filled with techniques and tips! I have a surprise for you coming shortly! You too will be able to download my eBrush technique eBook very soon! I will have video links to all of my techniques! I can't tell you how excited I am and hope that you too will enjoy my book. 

I also forged friendships with fellow team members that will I hope last a lifetime! We all are there to inspire and be inspired! I met people I have only dreamed about. Some were the divas who started much of the industry back in the day! I only wish I could share all with you! 
I also have a tutorial on my salute to Vincent Van Gogh . I did and am continuing to work on a blue jean jacket which I did a rendition of Starry Nights on and will continue to embellish with other versions of his artwork! The eBrush is a wonderful tool for creating. I also thread painted it over the eBrush embellished area! This is just a small preview of it. I love using the eBrush with fabric!

Thank you for listening!  I am so excited! Many new things coming your way! Check out your local craft shop and see what is coming!

Happy New Year!!!


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