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October 30, 2014

Halloween Craft Ideas For Kids

Guest Blogger Sophia Mann

We are only a day away from Halloween! Today, we have guest blogger, Sophia Mann compile a list of kids crafts for you to try out with your little pumpkins at home! 

Halloween is the perfect occasion for your child to experiment with his art and craft skills. If you are lucky enough to have your own yard and a bountiful yield of pumpkins you already have some great craft activity waiting right at your fingertips.

So would you not like to initiate your little ones to some serious Halloween fun? Craft activities with pumpkins will allow your kids to get their fingers all squishy and mushy with the flesh and seeds of the pumpkin as well as give their creativity a free run.
Jack O’ Lanterns, floating ghosts and pom pom spiders all add the right amount of spookiness to your Halloween fun.

There are tons of art and craft ideas on the Net. We have compiled a few so that you can have a great time with your little goblins and help them enjoy Halloween to the fullest.

Smiley Spiders

All Network Kids

Spiders spook kids and adults alike, Halloween or not. So why not have some fun making a dozen of these 8-legged crawlies that can also serve as a part of your Halloween home d├ęcor.

You can make your spidey either using egg carton cups or black pom poms. Four black pipe cleaners can be used for the legs.

Help your little one cut out a cup from an empty egg carton. If you are planning to go on a spider-making spree cut out 12 cups. Ensure you trim them properly so that the cups sit flat without wobbling.

Your child can get all messy painting the 12 cups black. Let the cups rest until the paint dries completely.

Once this is done poke 4 holes each on opposite sides of the cup. Thread the pipe cleaners through one hole and through to the other side. Trim the extra length of the legs and bend them so that the spider stands steady.

Glue on a pair of googly eyes and paint a red smile and you are done.
You can also add loops at the top of the cups which will enable your little ones hang them in your house.    

Wouldn't a Talking Jack O' Lantern Spook You?

A talking Jack O’Lantern would make any unsuspecting guest in your house jump out of his or her skin.

Not only would your kids enjoy all the scary sounds they get to make but these lanterns are quite easy to make as well.

Carve up a synthetic pumpkin to make a scary Jack O’Lantern. If you prefer the real thing, then carve up a big pumpkin to make a face of your choice. Do not cut out the top, just carve out the bottom and place the parents unit of an old baby monitor inside. Your child can hide and speak into the transmitter at the right moment.

Ensure the unit is not visible from outside. You can cover up the openings for the mouth and eyes using a black cloth.

Or, you can place an orange fabric over the monitor and place a tea light or fake candle inside to make the speaking Jack O’Lantern a really eerie experience for your guests. 

Halloween Moon

You can use a round white paper plate or a silver card as the moon. Use templates available on art and craft websites and cut out shapes of bats from black construction paper. You will have to lend a helping hand to your child with the cutting part.

Your little ones can glue the bats on the moon so that they appear as flying across it. You can also paint the moon with shiny silver paint or sprinkle silver glitter over the moon so that it is all sparkly and glittery.

Cat Face String Lights for Your Room

This is an ideal project if you have slightly bigger and more confident children.

Use your favorite cat face template from the Web and cut out cat faces from black pasteboard (card stock). Fringe the sides and the top of the cat’s head using a pair of fringing scissors.

Help your kids cut out the fringes.

For whiskers, you can use black waxed twine. Take four pieces of the twines (about 4 inches long) and knot them together in the center. Your child can stick the central knot on the cat’s face and lets the twines stick out on the sides as whiskers.

Punch two standard-size holes on the horizontal center of the cats’ face for eyes. The holes should be a few inches apart.

Hang string lights in your living room and position the cat’s faces before the lights accordingly, so that each pair of eyes glows eerily in the dark.

Halloween Paintings

There are printables on the Web which can help your little one create his or her Halloween painting for the celebration. Frame the scary art created by your children and hang them in your home for some cute spookiness.

What about a Painted Pumpkin Pot?

Photo courtesy of All Network Kids

This is a simple craft activity which you can enjoy with your toddler.

Use a medium-size clay pot for this activity. Help your child paint the pot orange with kid-friendly craft paint. Turn the pot upside down and using a dark-colored 3-D paint draw or write messages like ‘welcome to my spooky home’ or ‘Happy Halloween’ along the bottom rim of the pot.

Using 3-D paint you can help your child draw the Jack O’Lantern face on the pot. Your little one can also draw leaves and green spirals on top of the pot to make the perfect Pumpkin Pot.


Art and craft activities will really help make this Halloween a great experience for your children. It not only keeps your little ones occupied but also gives them plenty to get excited about on Halloween what with their work adorning walls, hanging in rooms and lighting up the night.  

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