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July 25, 2013

Design Team: Lyssa Zimmerman Week 3 Cycle 7

The Perfect Crafting Pouch

Wonder what the Perfect Crafting Pouch by ScraPerfect does? Well wonder no more! See how Lyssa Zimmerman discovered its super powers below!

Ok so being honest right now.  I had never heard of ScraPerfect or their "Perfect Crafting Pouch."
When I got my supplies to use, I was like, what.  is.  this??!
So I started doing some research about it because I was curious...
The more I read, the more I got excited!  
Then I wanted to test it out!  So here's my test for you guys.  There was no cheating on my part, I promise!

So I got a transparent sheet of paper...pretty much a clear transparancy sheet of paper...the kind they used for a projector.  I drew a line down the middle, one side for untreated, and the other side for treated with the Crafting Pouch.:

So I patted the crafting pouch on the right side then ran it through the printer:

K without me doing anything, the ink from the printer bled right from the get-go!  I didn't do anything to this, I promise! 

Where as on the treated so, there was no bleeding!

Then I had to do the smudge test:  FAIL.

No smudging on this side!  PASS!

Ok seriously this thing is REALLY COOL.  There are so many used for this too:
  • Eliminates Static Cling
  • Prevents clay from sticking
  • Dry Pigment ink instantly
  • Deactivates stickers and other sticky situations with just a tap of the pouch
Ok I have lots of ideas with this baby....

Thank you Lyssa!

See more of Lyssa's projects on her blog here:

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